EBC Brake Pads vs OEM Brake Pads

Are you a performance driver who’s looking for quality replacement brake pads for your vehicle? The first decision you need to make is whether to get a set of OE brake pads or aftermarket brake pads.

If you ask us, a quality set of aftermarket brake pads designed for performance driving will offer the most value.

EBC Is One Of The Best Brands For Performance Brake Pads

EBC brakes

At BuyBrakes.com, we make a point to only carry the top brands in the industry. EBC Brakes is one of them. In fact, we’re one of the largest online retailers of EBC products. We carry a large selection of EBC brake pads for performance vehicles.

EBC is a global company that makes brake parts for many different applications, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Military vehicles (humvees, tanks, etc.)
  • Armored cars
  • Pretty much every rolling vehicle on the planet

EBC takes the quality of its brake parts very seriously. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

EBC has strongly pursued its philosophy that brake pads and rotors are safety products, and are best hand crafted to maximum focus on high quality rather than price savings and are designed and researched on an on-going basis in our own facilities rather than turning a high safety product into a commodity marketed price point product. 

It’s clear that EBC is a great (and safe) option for performance vehicles. How do they compare to OEM brake pads, though? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular EBC brake pad lines and compare them to OEM pads.

1. EBC Yellowstuff Street And Track Brake Pads

EBC yellowstuff

EBC designed this brake pad line for race track use. That means it’s an ideal product for:

  • Racing vehicles
  • High performance street vehicles

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads feature a high friction formula that:

  • Improves your vehicle’s stopping power by 15%
  • Doesn’t require warmup for safe braking, but gets even stronger as they heat up
  • Doesn’t fade
  • Creates great pedal feel due to medium hardness material

Yellowstuff pads do create moderate dust. For lower dust pads that are better suited to street only vehicles, read on.

2. EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads

EBC Greenstuff

If you have a light Asian and European sports car, a set of EBC Greenstuff brake pads is what you need. It’s ideal for hard driving (as well as daily driving). This line of brake pads is proven to perform better than OE pads. To be more specific, EBC Greenstuff brake pads:

  • Give your car 15% more stopping power than OE pads
  • Can handle repeated heavy braking without brake “fall-off”
  • Creates better friction and fade resistance than OE pads
  • Offer better initial bite than OE pads

Greenstuff pads are relatively soft pads, which means that they extend the life of brake rotors. The pads wear, but the rotors only wear minimally.

3. EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

EBC redstuff

This line of brake pads is set up for heavier, higher powered performance cars. These pads have a special fiber and ceramic friction material that:

  • Improves bite
  • Minimizes dust (60%-90% less dust than OEM pads)
  • Provides very long pad life
  • Tolerates a higher heat range

If you engage in moderate performance driving, this is the ideal brake pad for your vehicle. It’s also great for daily driving.

OE Brake Pads Are Not Ideal For Performance Driving

OE brake pads are high quality and well designed. Yet, they’re not ideal for performance driving, and they are not at all suited for track use. Automakers design their OE brake pads for day-to-day driving. The best way to describe OE brake pads is “average”. If you engage in performance driving often (where hard braking is common), you need performance brake pads. In that case, aftermarket is better.

There’s a wide variety of aftermarket brake pads out there. You can find a quality set that matches your performance driving style. Like we’ve established in this post, EBC is a great option. Find the right set of EBC brake pads for your performance vehicle today!