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StopTech 1-Piece Oversized Replacement Rotors For BBKs

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Why BuyBrakes.com?

Why BuyBrakes.com?

BuyBrakes.com is on a mission to get you the right big brake kits and repair parts for the right price. Regardless of the vehicle you drive or the way you like to drive it, we’ve got the best kit and parts brands money can buy. Buy from us for the:

From rotor rings to drive pins, you’ve found the best place to buy big brake kit repair parts online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rotor Rings and Repair Parts

A rotor ring is the outer part of a two-piece brake rotor assembly. The ring is the portion that comes into contact with the brake pads to stop the vehicle. The rotor ring is attached to the hat (or bell). Typical factory brake rotors are cast as one piece, where the ring and the hat are a single piece of metal.

Remove brake rotors, per this how-to guide. Lay rotor assemblies on a flat surface and spray fasteners with penetrating oil. Carefully remove fasteners and separate the ring from the hat (or bell) of each rotor. Clean and inspect the hats for any damage, and make sure they are safe to reuse. Install new rotor rings to the hats with new mounting hardware. When all rotors are completed, Reinstall according to the how-to guide.

Installing a Big Brake Kit first requires the removal of existing brake calipers, pads, and rotors. Follow this guide for pads, rotors, and calipers. Use this guide for brake lines. When installing your new kit components, be sure to follow any specific instructions included with these parts. Once your new Big Brake Kit is fully installed, be sure to properly bleed your brake system, per this guide, and perform a test drive to ensure the brakes are operating properly.

Yes! A big brake kit can improve your braking performance with shorter stops and less fade, increase the durability of your brakes, and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. For more information, please refer to this guide.

A big brake kit with two-piece rotors can last considerably longer than a typical OEM kit with one-piece cast iron rotors, due to increased braking surface area and improved heat management. Factors such as street vs. track use, or highway vs. city driving, can also affect how long brake rotors will last and how rapidly brake pads will wear. Learn more about brake pad wear in this guide, and how long brake rotors should last in this guide.