instructions on how to bleed car brakes

How To Bleed Brakes

Bleeding brakes is a fairly simple process. A brake fluid vessel can be created from typical household materials. The vessel along with a jack, a jack stand, and some simple hand tools are all you need.

For this process, there aren’t a lot of differences from vehicle to vehicle. The size and location of the bleeder screw may differ, but that’s about it.

To begin:

  • Open the hood and identify the brake master cylinder vessel (Typically, this is located behind the driver’s side of the firewall.)
  • Clean the outside of the master cylinder with a damp cloth to ensure that no clag gets in the fluid vessel
  • Unscrew the top of the master cylinder vessel
  • Fill the master cylinder vessel to the top with brake proper fluid (usually DOT 3), then close the top (Learn more about brake fluid.)
  • Set the parking brake
  • Chock three of wheels to create an additional level of safety
  • Jack the vehicle up onto the furthest corner of the vehicle from the brake master cylinder (Usually the rear right of the car. Although, if you have an ABS module installed, this position will alter the process using the module as the starting point for the evolution.)
  • Once the vehicle is off the ground, install a jack stand
  • Drop the car back onto the jack stand
  • Undo the lug nuts of the wheel you want to get behind and remove the wheel/tire combo

Once you have access to the brake system;

  • Identify the bleeder nipple
  • Place a fluid hose on the bleeder nipple
  • Using a small crescent wrench (sizes will differ depending on car)
  • Slightly un-crack the bleeder screw
  • Slowly push the brake pedal throughout its complete cycle
  • Repeat this process until no air is exhibited within the fluid vessel or in the hose
  • Close the bleeder screw and remove the fluid vessel/hose from the brake nipple
  • Next, you move the next furthest brake assembly and repeat the complete process until all four brakes are devoid of air
how to bleed car brakes

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How To Bleed Brakes
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How To Bleed Brakes
Bleeding the brakes is a fairly simple process. The only real difference from vehicle to vehicle is the size and location of the bleeder screw.
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