Some manufacturers will ask us to refer you directly to them for warranty claims. BuyBrakes.com will assist with all warranties provided by manufacturers according to their policies.

It is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer to repair or replace defective merchandise. Manufacturer warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship for the purchased products only. Damage from use or abuse, installation errors, tuning problems, or other equipment failure is not covered. Claims for shipping damage, labor, car rental, transportaion, injury or other liabilities are also not covered. Racing parts or Big Brake Kits are not covered by any warranties express or implied.

Brake rotor or pad wear and mileage claims

There are too many variables as to why friction components may wear seemingly too soon. Warranty claims, refunds or credits are not available for brake pads or rotors that wear out sooner than expected.

Warped brake rotors

Every brake rotor we ship is machined to .002-.003 flat tolerance. A brake rotor would have to be outside of this tolerance when delivered new in order to qualify for a warranty replacement. If you are concerned about warped rotors use a dial indicator to verify your new rotors are flat. After installation a warped brake rotor indicates improper bed in prodecure, brake pads not suitable for the application, or overheating, and are not covered by the manufacturers warranty. If you are experiencing a pulsating pedal while driving, we recommend having your brake rotors machined flat by your local machine shop and make sure the brake pads are complatible with how the vehicle is operated. Pro Cut is a nationwide machining service we recommend. Find a U.S. Rotor Matching Center

How do I make a warranty claim?

Contact us and we will check the order history to confirm if the item is still under the manufacturer's warranty (Typically 30 Days). If covered, BuyBrakes.com will assign a Warranty RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number.

If the claim is for a warped rotor, you must send in a video showing a dial indicator reading of BOTH HUB RUNOUT AND ROTOR RUNOUT) being moved more that .003" upon rotor rotation which is the industry standard. Contact us to send you a YouTube link showing the process or search YouTube for "Lateral Runout/Hub Correction Plates".

Prepare a brief description of the defect. Remember that this is necessary for the manufacturer to evaluate the damage and determine the best course of action (Repair/Replace/Return).

Pack your return in a sturdy shipping carton using indestructible packing tape. Please do not ship the item in the original retail box, as they were not designed for the stresses of shipping.

We will advise you where to send the package. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs.

Make sure to keep a record of the returning shipment. BuyBrakes.com cannot be responsible for the returned items until we have signed for the packages.