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EBC Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $59.49 $302.07
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EBC Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads
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EBC Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $59.49 $302.07
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EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are consistently at the top for driving enthusiasts looking for a wide range pad to handle normal street driving to autocross to light track use. High friction bite from cold and they keep biting high up into track temperatures (normal cruise/street driving occasionally creates noise on some applications) . Worthy enough even for the Truck/SUV crowd that tow or run over-sized wheels and are looking for more stopping power.

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  • Recommended Use on Most vehicles: Great for racing (Street and Track)
  • Recommended Use on Trucks/SUVs: Great for Towing or Over-sized Wheel/Tire Combos
  • Better High Speed Stopping Brakes
  • Zero Fade Race Developed Compound
  • High Friction Pad Can Be Used On Street/Race Track
  • Normal cruise/street driving occasionally creates noise on some applications
  • Excellent Friction Hot or Cold
  • Resists Vibration
  • Easy on Brake Rotors
  • 1 Year/10,000 Mile Factory EBC Warranty
EBC Brake Experts

Made for Racing and Towing

The Yellowstuff brake pads are made for racing(street and track) if you own a car. These are an aggressive set of pads, but can also be used as a daily driver if needed. For trucks and SUVs, the Yellowstuff pads are great for towing and can also be used as a daily driver.

Better Performance

These pads sacrifice nothing when it comes to performance. However, you may find yourself cleaning your wheels a little more often. The Yellowstuff pads have a high dust rating, meaning they will allow more dust than most pads - similiar to OE brake pads. Normally when seeking performace brake pads, you will have to sacrifice a bit on the dust.

1 Year/10,000 Mile Warranty

Up to one year or 10,000 miles, the Yellowstuff brake pads are covered against any manufacturer defects.


  • Driving Qualifiers
    Extreme & Fleet Duty, Towing-Oversized Tires, Performance Street, Street & Track Events
  • Dust Levels
  • Budget
    Med-High Budget
  • Brand
    EBC Brakes


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