Dynamic Friction Brake Pads vs OEM Brake Pads

At BuyBrakes, we carry only the top brands, including Brembo and Dynamic Friction. If you’re here, you may be wondering how the Dynamic Friction brand stacks up against OEM brake pads. Let’s find out!

What Are OEM Brake Pads?

OEM brake pads

OEM brake pads are the standard brake pads that came with your car. It’s what you have in your vehicle when you drive off the showroom floor, so to speak. Most OEM brake pads are built for daily driving. They’re not ideal for performance driving.

What Are Dynamic Friction Brake Pads All About?

Dynamic friction brake pads

Dynamic Friction is a leading brand for brake parts, including brake pads. Based in Los Angeles, the brand makes award winning brake parts for many domestic and foreign vehicle applications dating back to 1930.

All Dynamic Friction brake parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Dynamic Friction builds brake pads for a variety of driving situations. That includes daily driving, performance driving, towing, and so on. Dynamic Friction’s brake pads are known to improve the vehicle’s braking performance.

If you have a performance vehicle, you can’t go wrong with Dynamic Friction brake pads. We swear by Dynamic Friction Active Performance brake pads, for example.

How Do Dynamic Friction Brake Pads Compare Against OEM Brake Pads?

Brake pad comparison

Dynamic Friction brake pads are a huge upgrade over OEM brake pads. Here’s why:

1. Less Dust

Dynamic Friction brake pads create much less dust than most OEM brake pads. That even includes the Dynamic Friction brake pads made for daily drivers.

2. Extended Life Cycle

Dynamic Friction brake pads last much longer than OEM equivalent brake pads. The key to brake pad longevity is how much heat the brake pad is able to absorb and shed. Dynamic Friction brake pads are designed to handle high heat and heavy braking situations. This is why more and more performance drivers prefer them over OEM brake pads.

3. Improved Stopping Power

Dynamic Friction brake pads are built with improved stopping power in mind. The friction material in these pads create a consistent pedal response. The friction material on the performance-oriented brake pads deliver strong, predictable friction level. That’s regardless of temperature, speed or axle load.

4. Less Noise

Dynamic Friction brake pads create less braking noise than OEM brake pads. This is for two reasons:

  • The friction material is chamfered to reduce vibration
  • The shims feature a unique design that has a layer of steel sandwiched between two layers of rubber.

The Bottom Line

In short, Dynamic Friction brake pads are much better than OEM brake pads. They offer better stopping power, less dust and noise, and longer life cycle. If you’re looking for a brake pad that can handle performance driving, towing, or daily driving, Dynamic Friction is the brand for you.