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How To Replace A Brake Light Bulb

If it’s time to replace a brake light bulb or entire brake light assembly, you’ll find the process is relatively straightforward.

First, you need some hand tools including:

  • A screwdriver set
  • A socket set
  • The replacement bulb or a complete assembly

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Open the trunk of the vehicle
  2. Locate all fascia covers adjacent to each tail-light assembly
  3. Either using your fingers (in the case of clip retainers) or using a screwdriver, remove the cover
  4. Identify the retention screws for the tail light assembly
  5. Remove the retention screws
  6. Lift the tail-light assembly from the vehicle’s body (be careful with any wiring harnesses)
  7. Identify the offending tail light bulb and twist it out of the locking retainer
  8. Replace the bulb by inserting the unit then lock it into the assembly by using a twisting motion
  9. Carefully return the tail-light assembly to its position in the vehicle’s body cavity
  10. Replace all screws, clips or retention elements
  11. Replace all fascia covers
  12. Test the unit

You’re done!

How To Replace A Brake Light Bulb
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How To Replace A Brake Light Bulb
Everyone has found him/ herself in a situation where you have to replace either a brake light bulb or and entire brake light assembly. This is a straightforward approach to the problem.
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