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Dynamic Friction 6512-45035 - Brake Kit - Quickstop Rotors and 5000 Brake Pads With Hardware

Dynamic Friction 6512-45035 - Brake Kit - Quickstop Rotors and 5000 Brake Pads With Hardware
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Dynamic Friction 6512-45035 - Brake Kit - Quickstop Rotors and 5000 Brake Pads With Hardware

Part No: 6512-45035

Dynamic Friction 6512-45035 - Brake Kit - Quickstop Rotors and 5000 Brake Pads With Hardware

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  • DFC's Brake Kit - Quick Stop Rotors with 5000 Brake Pads provides a powerful brake feel without the hefty price tag.
  • They are designed to meet OEM specifications for form, fit, and function.
  • DFC Brake Rotors are made of excellent G3000/G11H18 cast iron for long-lasting performance.
  • For reduced brake wear and optimal cooling, made to match the OE vane design.
  • To guarantee dependable quality and functionality, each item is rigorously tested.
  • DFC 5000 Brake Pads are designed to provide consistent friction and fade resistance.
  • Offers reduced noise when braking

Specs and ratings

Dust Levels
Stopping Power
Noise Level
Performance Over Stock

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DFC Brake Rotor with 5000 Brake Pads and Hardware Kit
Nothing compares to the Dynamic Friction Brake Kit - QuickStop Rotors With 5000 Brake Pads with its combination of performance, safety, and style. This kit is a total brake system upgrade that provides a crisp, sleek, dynamic, and elegant appearance without sacrificing braking performance or safety in any driving situation. It also saves you time and money by combining rotors and pads rather than buying them separately.
This DFC Brake Kit - QuickStop Rotors with 5000 Brake Pads kit is jam-packed with features to give you the ultimate stopping power. For example, DFC's Quickstop rotors are made from high G3000/G11H18 iron castings for optimal strength, stability, and endurance. They're also designed to match the OE vane configuration for less brake wear and better cooling, and they're quality-tested to assure superior stopping power. DFC's Brake Pads, on the other hand, are produced with a premium ceramic composition that provides exceptional fade resistance and consistent friction performance throughout a wide range of temperatures. You can expect nothing but the optimum stopping performance from your car when these two brake components are combined in one kit.


  • 2x 600-45000 Quickstop Replacement Brake Rotor

 Kit Components Available Separately


  • Recommended Use
  • Dust Levels
  • Driving Qualifiers
    Normal Commute, Performance Street, Extreme & Fleet Duty
  • Budget
  • Rotor Style
  • Rotor Coating
  • Rotor Treatment
    Non-Cryo Treated
  • Rotor Material
    Cast Iron
  • Pad Material
    Ceramic, Semi-Metallic
  • Stopping Power
    3.5, 4
  • Noise Level
    1 / 5
  • Performance Over Stock
    Basic Commute, Performance Commuter, Street Performance
Manufacturer description
  • Manufacturer Label
    DFC Rotors with 5000 Advanced Brake Pads includes Hardware

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Compatible with the following vehicles

Model Engine Trim Notes
1977, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1977, Chevrolet Vega Estate Front
1977, Chevrolet Vega GT Front
1977, Chevrolet Vega Sport Front
1977, Pontiac Astre Base Front
1977, Pontiac Astre Safari Front
1976, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1976, Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Front
1976, Chevrolet Vega Estate Front
1976, Chevrolet Vega GT Front
1976, Chevrolet Vega Sport Front
1976, Pontiac Astre Base Front
1976, Pontiac Astre Custom Front
1975, Buick Skyhawk Base Front
1975, Buick Skyhawk S Front
1975, Chevrolet Monza 2+2 Front
1975, Chevrolet Monza S Front
1975, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1975, Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Front
1975, Chevrolet Vega Estate Wagon Front
1975, Chevrolet Vega LX Front
1975, Chevrolet Vega Panel Express Front
1975, Oldsmobile Starfire Base Front
1975, Oldsmobile Starfire S Front
1975, Pontiac Astre Base Front
1975, Pontiac Astre Custom Front
1975, Pontiac Astre GT Front
1975, Pontiac Astre GT Safari Front
1975, Pontiac Astre S Front
1975, Pontiac Astre S Safari Front
1975, Pontiac Astre Safari Front
1975, Pontiac Astre SJ Front
1975, Pontiac Astre SJ Safari Front
1974, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1974, Chevrolet Vega Panel Front
1973, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1973, Chevrolet Vega Panel Front
1972, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1972, Chevrolet Vega Panel Front
1971, Chevrolet Vega Base Front
1971, Chevrolet Vega Panel Front

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