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Dynamic Friction 2512-54188 - Brake Kit - Coated Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors and 5000 Advanced Brake Pads with Hardware

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Dynamic Friction 2512-54188 - Brake Kit - Coated Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors and 5000 Advanced Brake Pads with Hardware

Part No: 2512-54188
In Stock Arrives: Apr 18 - 24
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Dynamic Friction 2512-54188 - Brake Kit - Coated Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors and 5000 Advanced Brake Pads with Hardware

In Stock Arrives: Apr 18 - 24
  • SALE: $323.00 & FREE Shipping
20% Off While Supplies Last!
Was $403.56
$80.56 OFF
List: $896.78

Starting at $XX/mo with Affirm. Prequalify now

Vehicle Specific

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  • Excellent brake upgrade for street use
  • Application-specific formulation to meet your exact vehicle requirements
  • Provides greater braking performance in wet and dry conditions
  • DFC 5000 Series pads with premium shims for improved NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) characteristics
  • Low dust pads for cleaner wheels and longer-lasting rotors
  • Necessary hardware included for a quick, trouble-free installation

Specs and ratings

Dust Levels
Stopping Power
Noise Level
Performance Over Stock

Product details


DFC Geoperformance Rotors-D/S w/ 5000 Advanced Brake Pads w/ Hdwr
The Dynamic Friction Stage 3 Rotor and Pad Kit is engineered to give exceptional braking power on the street. It combines the increased bite, improved looks, and better cooling benefits of the Geoperformance Rotors and the noise reduction and performance features of the DFC 5000 Series Brake Pads. If you’re looking for the best street brake upgrade, look no further than the Stage 3 Street Rotor and Pad Kit from DFC.
DFC 5000 ADVANCED Brake Pads Today’s vehicles demand the absolute highest quality and performance from their individual components, driven by the move towards autonomous mobility. With this change, the individual components in all the systems need to interact with one another, each depending on very specific parameters designed into each part. We at DFC have taken all of this into account and provide the market with the appropriate friction for each axle of each and every vehicle. This ongoing process requires intense work. Our research team is involved with OEM friction suppliers in 4 continents to provide the market with specifically formulated friction products that meet exacting requirements, whether it be for a family sedan, performance car, or light truck originating from anywhere in the world. All DFC Brake Pads are 100% post cured to ensure stable friction performance. Each pad is then scorched to remove uncured bonding agents to minimize the need for initial break-in period and increase stopping power from the initial stop. Lastly, the pads are assembled with DFC Premium Rubber-Steel-Rubber shims for improved NVH (noise/vibration/harshness) characteristics.
For performance street driving, the Dynamic Friction Stage 3 Brake Kit is your most ideal option. It consists not only of the DFC 5000 Series pads that feature an application-specific formulation but also DFC Geoperformance Rotors that offer better performance and longer-lasting protection. DFC creates the 5000 Series by first assessing what the vehicle came with originally—what type of formula and what friction output for that formula. This is important in order to balance the friction between the front and the rear axles. The DFC 5000 Series pads are designed to eliminate issues of axles stopping at different rates, which can lead to the pedal pulsating or your vehicle going down the road 20 or 30 ft. With these in your vehicle, you get consistent braking performance and quieter operation, thanks to the pads’ dyno-tested shims. The same is true once you installed the included rotors. These DFC rotors help spread out heat, sound, and vibration over a much larger surface area for quieter braking. Installation of both pads and rotors from this kit is a breeze, thanks to the included necessary hardware.


  • 1x 1551-1258-00 5000 Advanced Ceramic Brake Pads - Ceramic
  • 1x 830-54089L Geoperformance Coated Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor
  • 1x 830-54089R Geoperformance Coated Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor


  • Recommended Use
  • Dust Levels
  • Driving Qualifiers
    Normal Commute, Extreme & Fleet Duty, Performance Street
  • Budget
  • Rotor Style
  • Rotor Coating
  • Rotor Material
    Cast Iron
  • Pad Material
    Ceramic, Semi-Metallic
  • Stopping Power
    4 / 5
  • Noise Level
    2 / 5
  • Performance Over Stock
Manufacturer description
  • Manufacturer Label
    DFC Geoperformance Rotors-Drilled and Slotted with 5000 Advanced Brake Pads includes Hardware

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Compatible with the following vehicles

Model Engine Trim Notes
2015, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2015, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2014, Ford Edge Limited Front
2014, Ford Edge SE Front
2014, Ford Edge SEL Front
2014, Ford Edge Sport Front
2014, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2014, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2013, Ford Edge Limited Front
2013, Ford Edge SE Front
2013, Ford Edge SEL Front
2013, Ford Edge Sport Front
2013, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2013, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2012, Ford Edge Limited Front
2012, Ford Edge SE Front
2012, Ford Edge SEL Front
2012, Ford Edge Sport Front
2012, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2012, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2011, Ford Edge Limited Front
2011, Ford Edge SE Front
2011, Ford Edge SEL Front
2011, Ford Edge Sport Front
2011, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2011, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2010, Ford Edge Limited Front
2010, Ford Edge SE Front
2010, Ford Edge SEL Front
2010, Ford Edge Sport Front
2010, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2010, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2009, Ford Edge Limited Front
2009, Ford Edge SE Front
2009, Ford Edge SEL Front
2009, Ford Edge Sport Front
2009, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2009, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2008, Ford Edge Limited, AWD Front
2008, Ford Edge SE, AWD Front
2008, Ford Edge SEL, AWD Front
2008, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2008, Lincoln MKX Premium Front
2007, Ford Edge SE, AWD Front
2007, Ford Edge SEL, AWD Front
2007, Ford Edge SEL Plus, AWD Front
2007, Lincoln MKX Base Front
2007, Lincoln MKX Premium Front

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