Chevy Corvette – The Inexpensive Rotors Or The Premium Ones?

The Chevy Corvette has a long history as a one of America’s greatest performance cars. The Corvette is well-known for its big V8 engine and racing heritage.

Modern variations of the Corvette offer a mid-engine design. That’s a big change to the classic front-engine rear-wheel-drive format the ‘Vette was known for since the late 1950s. For many years exotic cars laid exclusive claim to the mid-engine layout. But now the Corvette has joined the party and has made big waves in the car world.

Why Corvettes Have Expensive Rotors

Image Credit: SonsOfSpeed

Like any car designed around racing, the Corvette’s brakes are a huge factor in getting the most performance out of the car. These performance-focused rotors come a higher price tag than those on a standard passenger car. You can learn more about the makeup of a rotor in this article. Many Corvette rotors can cost upwards of $500 each. A large factor that can affect the price of your Corvette’s rotors is the trim level of your car.

Finding The Right Rotors For Your Corvette

As we mentioned above, pricing for standard rotors can very greatly for the different Corvette trim levels. Another important consideration is the long history of the Corvette and finding the right application for your specific generation of Corvette. If you have a Corvette ZR1 from the 90s, your car will need more braking performance to match the bump in horsepower as compared to an older Stingray from the 1970s. These differences in needs affect sizes and materials used in developing rotors. You can find many of’s rotor selection here. Has Your Corvette Brake Needs Covered

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