Centric vs OEM Brake Pads

Looking for the right aftermarket brake pads for your vehicle can be quite a chore. You would need to do lots of research to find out which aftermarket brands deliver the most value. That means reading endless forum posts, reviews, and testimonies.

centric brake pads

It’s a lot easier when you shop at a reputable brake parts website that only carries the best brands. We’re one of those websites. At BuyBrakes.com, we thoroughly vet each aftermarket brake pad brand. Next, we hand select the best ones to add to our inventory. In other words, our experience and expertise are at your disposal. You only need to choose between OEM and aftermarket brake pads.

If you’re trying to decide between OE brake pads and Centric brake pads, this guide is for you. Centric is an established brand that produces quality brake pads. Are Centric brake pads for you, though? Let’s find out.

Centric Is A Reputable Brand In The Aftermarket Brake Parts Industry

Centric is one of the most well known brands in the aftermarket brake parts industry. The company is known for its innovations in the brake parts industry. It specializes in brake system components. These include OE quality brake parts, performance brake parts, and more. It has a popular division called StopTech. The division manufactures high quality performance brake parts. If you see the Centric logo on a set of brake pads, you know you’re getting a quality product.

Centric Brake Pads Offer More Value Than OEM Brake Pads


It’s no secret that OE brake pads are quite pricey. You’d be paying premium prices for an exact replica of the stock brake pads on your vehicle. But is that really a good deal? There are so many respected aftermarket brands like Centric making top quality brake pads. That means the idea that OE is superior is pretty outdated. For the same price as OE brake pads (or sometimes even less), you’ll get better, more reliable aftermarket pads.

Centric formulated several different brake pads that provide better performance than OE ones. We want to illustrate how much better Centric brake pads are than OE ones. So let’s discuss some of the most popular lines of Centric brake pads.

Centric Posi-Quiet Brake Pads

centric posi-quiet brake pads

At BuyBrakes.com, we carry three different Centric Posi-Quiet brake pads:

Each product has its own friction material formula that provides better performance than OEM pads. They all have similar benefits, though, and they are:

  • Even wear (due to custom design)
  • Less noise
    • All Posi-Quiet brake pads come with mechanically attached shims to cut down on noise
  • Less dust
  • Smoother brake performance
    • Improved pedal feel and response
  • Handle higher operating temperatures
  • Faster bed-in
  • Better bite
  • Longer pad life

These brake pads are direct OE replacements, so installation will be quite easy. Whether you have a daily driver or a semi-performance vehicle, you can’t go wrong with Centric Posi-Quiet brake pads.

Centric C-TEK Brake Pads

C-TEK is among the more affordable Centric brake pads. Both C-TEK brake pads we carry start at under $10:

This brake pad line promotes the following benefits over OE pads:

  • Minimal brake dust
  • Longer pad life
  • Longer rotor life
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Consistent performance throughout the life of the brake pad
  • Excellent stopping power, even in extreme temperatures

If you’re looking for more grip, go with the semi-metallic C-TEK brake pads. Otherwise, ceramic C-TEK brake pads will do just fine.

We carry other types of Centric brake pads, as well. With Centric, you’ll always get quality brake pads that deliver much more value than OE pads.

Need Higher Performance Brake Pads?

We mentioned earlier in this post that Centric has a high performance division called StopTech. If you’re looking for high performance brake pads made by Centric, check out StopTech brake pads.

StopTech brake pads are a massive upgrade over OEM brake pads for high performance vehicles, or vehicles doing heavy towing. The quality of StopTech brake pads matches the quality of Centric brake pads. Centric brake pads are more for daily drivers and vehicles that do minimal towing. This guide goes into more detail about the differences between StopTech and Centric brake pads.