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The Ford F-150, first introduced in 1948, is the world's most popular vehicle of all time. It is estimated that Ford has sold over 26 million F-150s over the years. The F-150 has been America's best-selling vehicle for almost 30 years. It has also been the best-selling pickup truck for over 40 years. The current Ford F-150, now in its 14th generation, is the first to use extensive aluminum construction, reducing curb weight by more than 700 pounds. About 92 percent of the latest F-150's parts have also been redesigned. 

There have been various variations of the F-150 throughout the years, including high performance, off-road, luxurious, and of course, the base model that simply works. But underneath it all, the F-150's rugged personality comes through. The Ford F-150 is, at its core, a robust pickup truck that will continue to captivate car owners with its ruggedness, great hauling and towing capability, excellent fuel efficiency, superb comfort and convenience features, impressive safety ratings, and more! 


Essential Ford F-150 Brake Maintenance Tips

Check your brake pads and rotors.

Because your brake pads and rotors are located between your braking system and your tires, they are regularly subjected to a lot of friction, necessitating regular repair or replacement. The constant contact between your tires and brake pads generates heat and wear. If you smell burnt rubber or need to press harder on your brakes to get results, it's time to have your brake pads, and rotors checked out. Make careful to check the thickness of the brake pads to ensure that it works properly when braking.

Replenish the brake fluid.

Brake fluid is vital to your brake system. It converts the brake pedal pressure into a force that stops the car. If your brake fluid indicator shows 'low', it's time to top it up. If you check again soon after, you may have a braking system leak. Low brake fluid levels can also be caused by worn brake pads, which move the brake calipers more, forcing more brake fluid into the system. You should have your brake fluid checked by your mechanic as part of your regular preventive maintenance or when you spot a leak to avoid any unforeseen problems with your vehicle. Auto experts also recommend having your brake fluid flushed and replaced every year or 30,000 kilometers. When it's time to replenish your Ford F-150's brake fluid, browse our selection of brands, which includes Stoptech, Motul, and Brembo.

Bleed your brakes

Over time, small amounts of air become trapped within the brake line, resulting in mushy brakes or a brake pedal that nearly touches the ground before engaging. The presence of air in the brake lines is a safety hazard. Total braking failure is possible if the brake system becomes clogged with substantial air. How does air get into the system in the first place? Poor brake pad maintenance and severely worn brake pads can allow air into the system. It's also possible for air to get into the brake system if there's a leak in the brake line. Poor driving habits, such as slamming on the brakes repeatedly, can also introduce unwanted air into the lines. Regardless of how air enters the system, it must be purged to verify that the car is safe to drive. 

Bleeding the brakes means removing the air from the brake line, ensuring the brakes are in good working order. Have your mechanic check for air in your brake lines and have it bled in your routine maintenance schedule. If your Ford F-150 brake lines are corroded, you can get new ones from BuyBrakes.com. We carry top brake line brands such as Raybestos, Centric, and Dynamic Friction.

Practice good driving habits

Brake components such as rotors and pads wear out a little more each time you apply the brake pedal. Slamming on the brakes all the time, on the other hand, will wear them out faster. Making quick stops or braking late, riding the brakes, and using the brake pedal as a footrest can cause premature brake failure. Although it is not suited for all driving conditions, coasting before turning or coming to a complete stop might be helpful. Coasting is a technique in which you remove your foot from the gas pedal to allow your car to slow down gradually before braking. 

Proper brake maintenance also means avoiding as many conditions as possible that could lead to brake damage. Avoid driving in severe conditions such as heavy rains and ice, try not to move too much weight or cargo regularly, and drive carefully to avoid heavy and frequent braking. Limiting these behaviors will help your brakes last longer.

Upgrade your Ford F-150 brake parts

Some parts of your braking system may need to be replaced at some point. When it’s time to replace your brake parts, it can be an excellent time to buy new parts that are better at stopping or have other special features. It's common to add components like slotted disc brakes that can withstand more heat or switch to quieter ceramic brake pads that produce less brake dust.  Your vehicle's braking system will last longer and function better if you regularly upgrade and replace brake parts.


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