Brake Parts Wholesale/Dealer and Fleet Accounts

Brake Wholesale/Dealer and Fleet Accounts | Buy Brakes Wholesale

How To Set Up A Wholesale Account With

  • Step 1 - Text your name, business URL, and the word WHOLESALE to 702-903-1713 or call 800-853-3599.
  • Step 2 - Scan your resale license (seller's permit) and a copy of a voided company check and email to Provide your company name and tax identification number as well as your primary contact name and phone number.
  • Step 3 - Call 800-853-3599 to confirm we have received all of your information and to discuss the discount structure available.

How To Make A Wholesale Order

All wholesale orders must provide a valid Purchase Order (PO) number. We require PO to ensure there is no confusion about the order. If an error is made on an order, we can reference your PO to see which party is at fault. If we are at fault, we will clear the problem up and cover shipping costs. If the dealer is at fault, it is your responsibility to take care of the problem and any extra shipping charges.
Please note that your first wholesale order must be prepaid on a credit card, and unless otherwise approved by BuyBrakes, orders must be shipped to the billing address on file.

A Note About Drop Shipments

We are happy to drop-ship orders directly to your customer. This saves money on shipping and gets products to customers quicker. We do not charge drop ship fees, but there are a few forms needed before we can ship anything out.
Call us to arrange a drop shipment or with questions - 800-853-3599.