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PowerStop Performance Red Brake Calipers

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PowerStop Performance Red Brake Calipers
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PowerStop Performance Red Brake Calipers

  • $121.00 $838.00

PowerStop Performance Red Brake Calipers


  • $121.00 $838.00
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  • Custom-sized to fit your year, make, and model
  • Finished in red rust-resistant electrostatic powder coating that looks great behind open-spoke rims
  • Pressure tested to ensure no leaks
  • High-temp EPDM rubber seals and boots for longer life
  • New bleeder screws, stainless steel clips and pins
  • Premium silicone lubrication
  • Factory remanufactured and lubricated in PowerStop's Chicago facility

Product details


The PowerStop Performance brake calipers have updated boots, seals, and a high-temperature silicone lubrication for increased performance and longevity. It is pressure tested to avoid leaks and is specifically made to bolt-on perfectly to your car. PowerStop brake calipers are designed for the enthusiast. These calipers look and perform nicely with stock or custom wheels. The powder coating makes it easier to keep the calipers clean and helps them last longer.
The calipers and brackets are re-manufactured in Chicago, IL, USA and powder-coated red. The performance red also adds a pleasant touch and makes your car stand out from the crowd. All premium boots and seals are used, and the caliper pins are lubricated with high-temperature silicone. Premium abutment clips are also provided.



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