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Hellcat Brakes – The Inexpensive Ones or the track worthy ones?

You’ve paid the price, and you’ve now got your collector-worthy Dodge Charger, Challenger Hellcat or Scatpack and you’re beginning to get a taste of what consumables like brake rotors cost. You’ve found out new replacement OE versions are about $1400 from the local Dodge dealer. Time to make some choices based on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

If you’ve got low-miles on your original 2-piece high-performance rotors and you’re not an extreme/high-performance driver, you can now make a choice to preserve them (box them up for later) or replace them (if you’re more apt to just cruise easy as a daily driver) with the inexpensive 1-piece replacement brake rotor shown above. These are not rotors you’d run on the racetrack or run 1/4 mile times. They are just affordable cruising/daily drivers and that’s the point of them… affordable daily driver replacements. At less than $70.00 each, they’ll come in within budget.

These 1-Piece Centric Slotted Brake Rotors are made from durable 3000 grade cast iron and fits only 2015-20 Dodge Challenger/Charger SRT8 Hellcat and Scat Pack models with Factory code BR7 (which is the factory-installed 6 Piston Brembo Brake kit). All OE dimensions in terms of O.D., offset, thickness are the same for an exact fit. Looking for brake pads for your Hellcat to match?

The Brake Disc Replacement 1-Piece Brake Rotors are sold each and are ideal for temperate climates not subjected to corrosive-salted environments.

Hellcat Brakes – Upgraded Brake Rotor Ring Options – The Durable & Track Worthy Options

Hellcat Brakes – The Slotted 2-Piece Performance Options

For those who want to keep their Hellcats ready for high-performance driving and track events, the Australian-made 3500-grade high carbon specially cast and machined DBA T3 5000 Series Replacement Front Slotted Rotor is a direct bolt-on replacement for Fits 2015-20 Dodge Challenger/Charger SRT8 Hellcat and Scat Pack models. Use factory hardware to bolt these rotors on to factory hats. Fits Only Challengers and Chargers equipped with Factory code BR7 (which is the factory-installed 6 Piston Brembo Brake kit).

DBA Hellcat Replacement Rotor Rings shown above sold each so be sure and order two, but before you do, sign up at BuyBrakes.com for a coupon code. We’ll make it worth your time.

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