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Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit

  • $18.99 $240.88
Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit
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Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit


  • $18.99 $240.88
Vehicle Specific
Upgrading to Goodridge Stainless Brake lines provide a confidence-inspiring firmer brake pedal during normal, stressed and performance driving conditions. Your vehicle's standard/stock rubber lines are adequate at normal driving and temperatures, but, as they get super-heated from high brake fluid temperatures, stock lines tend to get softer and can feel a bit spongy. If a firmer brake pedal is more to your liking, then order lifetime guaranteed Goodridge lines for your vehicle for improved response and performance.

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Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit

  • Stainless Brake lines Provide Firm Pedal and Quicker Brake Response
  • Eliminates Brake Line Expansion For Controlled and Faster Fluid Transfer
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Braiding
  • Guaranteed Forever by Goodridge!
  • Increases Overall Performance of Your Brakes
  • Brake Line Kit Includes: Vehicle Specific Brake Lines, Brackets, and Fittings
  • Each Kit Pressure Tested Up to 3,000 PSI
  • DOT Approved & T.U.V Certified
  • Note: Some Goodridge Kits are custom made per order. Popular kits typically in stock. Please allow 10-14 business days before shipping for custom orders.
  • For more information about Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines Feel Free to Call our Brakes Experts at 888-257-7149!

Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Hardware

Hardware Included with Kit

No More Soft Brake Pedal

The Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit uses a very corrosion resistant Braided Stainless Steel Outer Layer that helps eliminate brake line expansion, which gets rid of that soggy, or soft pedal feel. This is important because brake line swell can decrease braking performance. When your counting on your brakes you want a consistent and responsive brake system, and adding some Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines to your brake system will greatly increase the feel of your brake pedal, not to mention the braided stainless steel line is much more attractive than stock brake lines.

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No Hassle Brake Lines Made Specifically for Your Ride

Nobody likes to mess around with Universal Brake Lines or try to coax something that isn't made for your vehicle to fit. That usually ends up being stressful and not working in the end. The Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit is made specifically for your vehicle so you can have the piece of mind in knowing that you're not going to have to run to the local parts store because something doesn't fit right. Everything you need is included in the G-Stop Brake Kit: Stainless Steel Braided Lines, Mounting Brackets, and Hose Fittings.

Goodridge G-Stop Braided Lines

PTFE Inner Hose & Stainless Steel Braided Outer Cover


  • Driving Qualifiers
    Normal Commute
  • Hose Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Line Covering
    Braider Steel
  • Fit
    Specific Fit
  • Brand


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