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Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars

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Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars
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Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars

  • $8.00 $887.00

Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars


  • $8.00 $887.00
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  • Allow critical fine-tuning of your vehicle’s handling characteristics
  • Help reduce body roll through increased design stiffness over stock bars
  • Designed to decrease the load difference between the wheels outside and inside the curve
  • Made using a cold-formed steel alloy for precision performance
  • With a long-lasting red powder coat finish for superior corrosion protection
  • Come complete with all mounting hardware for a hassle-free installation
  • Work perfectly with Eibach’s Sportline and Pro-Sping Kits

Product details


Driving in curves has never been easier with the Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars. These bars are specifically designed to reduce body roll, so you stay comfortable even when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction.
While it’s true that Eibach’s performance stabilizer bars are designed to keep your vehicle from rolling to one side when making a turn, they actually do more for your vehicle’s handling than you might think. These sway bars also help improve the weight distribution among the four tires. Since your vehicle corners flatter, less weight is being transferred to the tires outside the curve. As a result, your car can go faster and corner safer.

What makes Eibach’s Anti-Roll Kit the ideal option when it comes to reducing body roll when driving in curves? The anti-roll sway bars included in this kit are made using hi-tensile steel alloy to ensure maximum durability, and they’re cold-formed, tempered, and shot-peened for long-lasting performance. They also offer increased responsiveness, thanks to the greasable urethane bushings that they’re made with. Rigorous testing and evaluation are done to ensure their efficiency and reliability even under extreme driving conditions



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