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EBC Sport Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotors

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $62.13 $1128.78
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EBC Sport Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotors

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $62.13 $1128.78
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EBC Dimpled/Slotted Brake Rotors, made in the U.K., are ideal for a good-looking brake upgrade with improved cooling and braking. Ideal for daily driving, commuting and a bit of sport driving. Black e-coating keeps the rotors looking great and protect against road salts.

  • Quantity: 2 brake rotors per pack.

Product details


EBC Sport Dimpled/Slotted Brake Rotors

  • Recommended Use: Street Use, Moderate Towing
  • Wide Slots Helps Brakes Run Cooler
  • Reduces Brake Fade Under Load And At Speed
  • Removes Dirt Dust And Debris From Braking Zone
  • Great For Truck/SUV/Towing/For Sedan Use
  • Anodized For Protection/Black
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Product Description

The EBC Sport Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotor delivers the stylish looks and functions of a drilled and slotted rotor but maintains the strength of a slotted rotor. When it comes to brakes heat is the enemy and the EBC Sport Brake Rotors use special dimples and wide slots to help keep temperatures as low as possible. The slotted and dimpled design also pushes out brake gases, dust, and other unwanted debris so that you have a smooth pad to rotor contact patch which is crucial for optimal braking performance.

Drilled vs Dimpled

Whats the big difference between drilled holes and dimples? Besides the odvious visual difference the main difference between the two is overall rotor strength. Not always but on some occassions drilled rotors have been prone to cracking when braking temperatures get high. This is because the drilled holes cause a loss in over rotor strength. The dimples on EBC Sport Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotors offer the same benefits of drilled rotors, but since they are not through drilled there is no loss in overall rotor strength which decreases the chances of rotor cracking.


With all brake components including your new EBC Sport Slotted & Dimpled Brake Rotors we recommend having a Certified Mechanic install them and perform the proper break-in procedures to ensure that they function properly, and efficiently. If you need any assistance choosing the right brake pad for EBC Sport Brake Rotor feel free to call us. 1-888-257-7149 Let our sales staff point you in the right direction.

One thing to consider before purchasing a Slotted Brake Rotor is the air noise that can be noticed while driving. With most slotted rotors there will be an increase in air noise as the rotors pass under the brake pad during normal driving conditions. Some people like the noise however others may not.


  • Driving Qualifiers
    Performance Street, Normal Commute
  • Rotor Style
    Dimpled & Slotted
  • Budget
    Med Budget
  • Brand
    EBC Brakes


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