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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $131.22 $1141.11
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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit
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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $131.22 $1141.11
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EBC Stage 5 Brake Kits include the powerful EBC Yellowstuff brake pads rated top-tier for bite with the ability to deliver that bite even beyond 1,000F. Combined with the included black-coated EBC Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors, your brakes up their brake function to a whole new level.

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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit

This kit contains a set of Yellowstuff 4000 series brake pads and a pair of GD slotted and dimpled upgrade brake rotors. Available for front and rear fitments.

  • Highest friction Yellowstuff 4000 series brake pad for any application where maximum stopping is required
  • Popular in street use on trucks, SUV and all sedans/hot hatches due to high brake effect from cold
  • Widely used in drift racing and trackdays due to high temperature capability
  • Pads feature Brake-In™ surface coating for instant bed-in
  • High friction formula improves braking by 30-40% on OE
  • Wide aperture slots help to dispel gasses and debris
  • Blind drilled holes prevent cracking
  • Runout inspected and balanced rotors
  • Rotors coated with corrosion resistant "thermic black" coating

EBC Brakes range of GD high quality upgrade rotors are available for most vehicles. Featuring wide slots and blind drilled dimples which are designed to dispel gasses, dirt, debris and carbon deposits therefore improving brake effect. Rotors are designed to run up to a scorching 800/900°C. All EBC Brakes GD rotors feature corrosion resistant "thermic black" coating.


  • Driving Qualifiers
    Extreme & Fleet Duty, Towing-Oversized Tires, Performance Street, Street & Track Events
  • Rotor Style
    Dimpled & Slotted
  • Dust Levels
  • Budget
    Med Budget
  • Brand
    EBC Brakes


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