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Hawk Performance DTC-30 Brake Pads - Race Use Only

Hawk Performance

  • Sale $59.05 $387.53
Hawk Performance DTC-30 Brake Pads - Race Use Only
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Hawk Performance DTC-30 Brake Pads - Race Use Only

Hawk Performance

  • Sale $59.05 $387.53
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Brake pads designed Specifically for Dirt Circle Track applications. Uniquely controllable torque with smooth consistent feel and bite. Superior Release and torque control characteristics.

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Hawk Performance DTC-30 Brake Pads

  • Recommended Use: Dirt Circle Track Racing, Pavement Circle Track Racing, Rally Racing
  • Wide Temp Range
  • DTC-30 Compound
  • Optimal Temperature Range
  • Excellent Release Characteristics
  • Smooth Feel And Bite
  • Controllable Torque
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Product Description

The Hawk DTC-30 Brake Pad was constructed to provide the driver with a smooth brake feel, without sacrificing brake bite. It is one of the only brake pads that can operate at a very high temperature and still maintain great pedal feel. The DTC-30 Pads are designed to perform consistantly in temperatures up to 1200°F! If you're looking for a brake pad that can perform undoubtfully under harsh circumstances, these Hawk DTC-30 pads would make an excellent choice.

For Those Who Have A Need For Speed

Some people are just born with the instinct to stomp the pedal to the floor, like it's in their nature. If you're one of those people who crave the feeling of racing, then you above a lot of others need to have the correct brakes. These Hawk DTC-30 Brake Pads are designed to help satisfy your needs! They will operate flawlessly at high temperatures and are designed specifically for racing on the track.

Easy Installation

Hawk DTC-70 Brake Pads feature a hassle free installation, however we highly recommend having a certified mechanic install them and perform the proper break-in procedure. This will allow you to get the most out of your brakes and guarantee that everything works efficiently. If you have any questions about Brake Pads or your other braking needs, feel free to give us a call and let our knowledgeable sales staff assist you. We have trained staff that are waiting to lend you a helping hand!


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    Track Only
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    High Budget
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    Hawk Performance


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