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EBC Brake Pad Wear Sensor

EBC Brake Pad Wear Sensor
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EBC Brake Pad Wear Sensor

  • Sale $5.00 $88.00

EBC Brake Pad Wear Sensor

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $5.00 $88.00
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  • Provides information regarding the condition of the brake pads
  • Brake pad life is accurately predicted using an algorithm, removing the need for visual inspection.
  • Increases brake reliability by notifying the driver when brake pads need to be replaced.
  • Prevents excessive rotor wear
  • They are built from high-quality materials to provide long-term durability and dependability.
  • All sensors are in compliance with manufacturer specifications to ensure a secure fit with no modifications required.
  • Very easy to install, no drilling required.

Product details


The brake pad wear sensor is a safety feature that warns you when the brake pads are nearing the end of their service life. These devices are integrated within the brake pad. When a brake pad wears down and the electronic brake wear sensor makes contact with the rotor, a warning light on the vehicle's dashboard illuminates. They are not reusable and must be replaced anytime the brake pads are worn out or the warning light signals. For brake pad wear sensor replacement, EBC is the best choice. They are the leading brake company specializing in brake pads, calipers, rotors, discs, etc. EBC brake pad wear sensors are guaranteed to be made from the highest quality materials and deliver reliable wear monitoring performance.
The EBC brake pad wear sensor provides you with reliable information on the current condition of your vehicle's brake pads. One sensor for the front axle and another sensor for the rear axle can be installed in the brake pad to determine when it’s necessary to replace the brake pad. When it’s time to replace your brake pad wear sensor, go with the reliable brand that has proven the quality of its braking products: EBC.



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