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Eibach Stage-3 Road Atlanta Kit (Anti-Roll-Bars-Springs-Shocks)

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Eibach Stage 3 Bars-Springs-Shocks-Tuned Package
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Eibach Stage-3 Road Atlanta Kit (Anti-Roll-Bars-Springs-Shocks)

  • $156.00 $1419.00

Eibach Stage-3 Road Atlanta Kit (Anti-Roll-Bars-Springs-Shocks)


  • $156.00 $1419.00
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  • A complete and tuned suspension kit for racing or street driving
  • Precision-engineered springs lower the vehicle’s center of gravity
  • Minimizes dive and squat when braking and accelerating while reducing body roll
  • Eibach’s Pro-Dampers provide the ideal rebound and compression characteristics for high-performance driving
  • Anti-roll bars for increased roll stiffness that prevents the vehicle from leaning to one side
  • Engineered and tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability in any driving situation
  • Ready to bolt-on suspension parts for a quick, trouble-free installation
  • Backed by Eibach’s 1,000,000-mile warranty

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The Eibach Stage-3 Road Atlanta Kit gets the job done on road or track. It comes complete with anti-roll bars, progressive-rate springs, and front and rear shocks (on most applications. Whether it’s for quick-paced driving, competitive racing, or simply having a street-driven vehicle, you’ll never go wrong with Eibach’s Stage-3 Road Atlanta Kit for your next suspension upgrade.
The Eibach Stage 3 Road Atlanta Kit includes precision-engineered springs designed to lower your vehicle's center of gravity. As a result, squat during acceleration is reduced as well as body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive. But aside from improving your car’s driving characteristics, these springs are also a great way to enhance its appearance. And since they work well with Eibach’s Pro-Dampers shocks, which are also included in this kit, what you’ll get is a stiffer suspension that is priceless when braking or accelerating and during aggressive turns.

Now, for a balanced chassis, a pair of Eibach Anti-Roll Bars is also contained in this kit. These anti-sway bars are built to provide increased roll stiffness to prevent your vehicle from leaning in the corners. They are engineered using cold-formed steel alloy for superior durability, and they come with a red powdered coat finish to fight rust better. All the performance components contained in this kit are easy to install since mounting hardware is also included in every package.



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