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Eibach Stage-1 PCH Kit (Pro-Spring-Kit-with-Anti-Roll-Bars)

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Eibach Kit includes Anti-Sway Bars and Eibach Pro Springs Front and Rear
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Eibach Stage-1 PCH Kit (Pro-Spring-Kit-with-Anti-Roll-Bars)

  • $566.00 $1048.89

Eibach Stage-1 PCH Kit (Pro-Spring-Kit-with-Anti-Roll-Bars)


  • $566.00 $1048.89
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  • Ideal suspension upgrade for most popular street cars
  • Progressive springs for great ride quality and reduced body roll
  • Designed to lower vehicle ride height up to 1.5”
  • Works perfectly with any stock damper
  • Includes performance stabilizer bars that fine-tune the vehicle’s handling characteristics
  • Sway bars are cold-formed, tempered, and shot-peened for superior durability
  • Engineered and tested to withstand extreme driving conditions

Product details


Enjoy top performance handling and reduced body roll with the Eibach Stage-1 PCH Kit. This kit includes the Eibach Pro Spring Kit (black version) designed to lower the vehicle up to 1.5 inches and the Front and Rear Anti-Roll Rear Sway Bar Kit that’s perfectly balanced for precise tuning response.
Lowering your vehicle’s center of gravity up to 1.5” is possible with the Eibach Pro Spring Kit. Considered the number one choice of performance springs for automotive enthusiasts, the Eibach Pro-Kit springs are the ideal suspension upgrades to achieve improved street performance and appearance. Once installed, you will notice a significant improvement in braking, handling, and responsiveness. What’s more, they help enhance your vehicle’s appearance—yes, you can finally say goodbye to fender gap!

When it comes to reducing body roll, the Eibach Anti-Roll Bars are your perfect bet. Whether during fast changes of direction or simply driving in curves, these bars ensure you stay in control and comfortable. While the Pro-Kit is considered a primary suspension enhancement component, the Eibach Anti-Roll Kit works by allowing the critical fine-tuning of your vehicle’s handling characteristics for superb performance. Together, these performance components ensure you have increased handling and cornering grip in any driving situation.



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