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Active Suspension Control Module

Bilstein iRC Active Suspension Control Module
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Active Suspension Control Module

  • $900.00

Active Suspension Control Module


  • $900.00
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  • A suspension upgrade that converts your Bilstein suspension kit to a smartphone adjustable suspension system
  • Works together with a smartphone app and communicates via Wi-Fi
  • Preset auto damping modes (Comfort, Normal, and Sport)
  • With a high-quality, three-axis acceleration sensor system that reads vehicle speed and adjusts suspension damping in real-time
  • Custom suspension settings can be created, saved, and shared via a smartphone
  • Immediately ready to use after starting the vehicle

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Enjoy increased comfort and driving safety with the all-new Bilstein iRC Active Suspension Control Module. This module allows you to convert your manually adjustable Bilstein B16 ridecontrol suspension to an active smartphone adjustable suspension system. Once installed, you can already adjust the default parameters set by the manufacturer to your own driving needs. From bumpy roads to smooth high-speed cornering, the Bilstein iRC Active Suspension Control Module will deliver the best in comfort, safety, and performance.
What the Bilstein iRC Active Suspension Control Module does is that it allows your suspension to adjust to any type of driving situation automatically. Unlike in the Bilstein ridecontrol suspension where you can only select between Comfort and Sport modes, here in the Bilstein iRC, three adjustable settings are made available for you when set to Auto Mode—Comfort, Normal, and Sport. And what’s even more exciting about this is that each of these settings can also be custom tuned to your specific requirements. The Bilstein iRC lets you create, save, and share your own custom damping settings via a smartphone for that truly unique driving experience.



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