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EBC Stage 6 Trackday Brake Kit

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Front Kit (S6KF1028)
Part Number: S6KF1028
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Stage 6 Trackday Brake KitIncludes Rotors and PadsFrontRotor Dia. 14.0 in.
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EBC Stage 6 Trackday Brake Kit

Product Break Down
Stage 6 Kit Contents:

Axle Set of Bluestuff Brake Pads & Axle Pair of Sport Slotted & Dimpled Rotors

Recommended Use: High Performance Street and Track
Dust Rating: High
Pad & Rotor Life: Excellent
Stopping Power: Excellent
  • Ultra High Performance Brake Kit with race pads that can be used on the street
  • EBC Bluestuff and EBC Slotted & Dimpled Rotors combined into one affordable kit
  • Pads and Rotors Kits are strategically put together for optimal performance and efficiency
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EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff V-Groove

Slotted and Dimpled Design

  • High Performance Race Pads that are a direct replacement for stock

  • Worlds first race brake pad that can also be used on the street

  • Heat Schorched to help pre-bed the pad for quicker break-in time

  • Special NDX Formula delivers a great initial bite when you need it

  • Deep V-Grooves help vent in cool air, and gives dust and debris a place to escape

  • Gentle on rotors helping to extend overall brake pad and rotor life

The Stage 6 Kit delivers the stopping power you need at the racetrack. The High Friction NDX Formula works great with the EBC Sport Slotted and Dimpled Rotors. This is one wicked brake kit!

Pads generate a lot of Brake Dust. (but hey all serious racing brake pads do)

Not for the daily driver car. This kit was designed for high performance street and track applications. So if your ride sees frequent track time, you’re going to want this setup.

John Brakes Expert

30 Year Automotive Aftermarket Industry Veteran

EBC Sport Slotted and Dimpled Brake Rotors

EBC Sport Rotors Domestic

  • Dimpled and Slotted design is perfect for removing brake dust and dirt from the pad surface

  • Solid or Vented Rotor Designs depending on application

  • Dimples resist cracking unlike drilled through rotors

  • Slots and Dimples circulate cool air keeping brake temperatures low

  • Wet weather braking is improved by the dimples and slots pushing water away from the pad and rotor contact area

Race Brakes for the Street and Track!

Sometimes you need some serious braking power for your weekend racer/street car, but it's hard to find one pad that can perform on the track and still be street legal. Finally EBC has created a pad for that purpose. The EBC Stage 6 Trackday Brake Kit delivers break-neck stopping power for the track, and is tame enough for street use.

Real Peformance

The Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads are the perfect pad for your street driven race car. The deep V-Grooves allow for better ventilation and also gives brake dust and debris a way out so it doesn't build up on your pad and reduce braking efficiency. The Bluestuff Brake Pads can deliver high levels of consistant brake power just like a race pad should, and one huge thing that sets the bluestuff apart from other race pads is that you can use them on the street as well. So you can drive the car to and from the track without having to switch pads. When it comes to brakes high temperatures can cause brake fade which reduces your braking power. The EBC Slotted and Dimpled Rotors can help reduce heat by circulating cool air throughout the rotor pushing out the hot braking gases actually allowing your brakes to run cooler. This cooler air help fight brake fade which is the last thing you need at the track.


A certified mechanic is recommended to perform the installation and initial break in steps of your new EBC Stage 6 Trackday Brake Kit. Installation is slightly more technical since rotors, and pads will be replaced. If you have any questions or concerns about the EBC Stage 6 Race Brake Kit, give the brake experts a call. 888-257-7149

Manufacturer Info

EBC Brake Kits, EBC Brake Rotors & EBC Brake Pads

EBC Facility

Made in the United Kingdom! One of Many EBC Facilities Located World Wide

EBC Greenstuff Powdercoat

Powder Coating EBC Greenstuff Pads

EBC Dimpled Rotors

Drilling the Dimples on EBC Sport Rotors

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Since 1978 EBC Brakes has become one of the world leaders in the braking industry. You can choose from a variety of EBC Brake Pads and Rotors that are made to fit a ton of vehicle applications. EBC is known for producing the largest range of brake pads and rotors in the world. EBC has multiple distribution centers all around the world with two facilities that actually manufacture EBC Brake Pads and Rotors, one in the UK and the other is located right here in the U.S. EBC has built a reputation for using only the highest quality materials for their pads and rotors, because EBC knows you don't build a successful company by cutting corners and producing a product that they wouldn't use themselves. EBC is dedicated to using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques to produce a high quality product designed to promote a safer driving environment.

EBC Brake Pads

EBC Brake Pads are ahead of their time because they use a unique Aramid fibre material that puts it's competitors cheap steel fibre bases to shame. The use of Aramid fibres deliver a higher degree of flexibility in compound design, this enables EBC Brakes to produce a quiet and long lasting range of pad compounds that can improve stopping distance, reduce rotor wear and thereby greatly reduce brake dust. Also all of the EBC Brake Rotors are given a corrosion resistant powder coat finish. This finish not only resists corrosion but it also helps prevent water from accumulating inside the pad. The Picture to the right shows EBC Greenstuff Pads getting the powder coat applied.

EBC Brake Rotors

Most EBC Brake Rotors are manufactured in the UK and Italy, they all of the rotors are machined and finished in either the UK or the U.S. After the rotor is machined and finished EBC inspects and puts the rotor through rigorous tests before it can leave the factory. EBC Sport Rotors have actually recently been awarded the much accredited TUV testing approval and the resulting German ABE number that signifies the highest in quality for parts sold into Europe. If EBC Rotors can withstand the torture of Autobahn Speeds (which are unlimited) we think it is safe to say you can be confident that EBC Brake rotors will deliver on your car, truck or SUV.

Give us a call today!

With EBC's vast selection of brake pads and rotors we understand that choosing the right ones for your driving style and needs might get a little confusing. If you need help choosing Brake Rotors or Brake Pads for your vehicle, give us a call! We have professional brake technicians standing by ready to answer any questions you may have! 888-257-7149

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