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Pagid OE Brake Shoes

Pagid OE Brake Shoes
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Pagid OE Brake Shoes

  • $30.00 $58.00

Pagid OE Brake Shoes


  • $30.00 $58.00
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  • Built to offer improved stopping power and enhanced safety
  • Meet strict quality manufacturing standards for lasting durability
  • Subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee reliable performance
  • Produce less dust and noise
  • Precision grinding for a perfect fit and functionality
  • Environmentally-friendly formulation
  • Conform to the Regulation 90 European Legislation

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Pagid’s comprehensive range of OE Brake Shoes is designed for most car and light commercial vehicle makes and models. It works similarly to the brake pad, only that it is positioned on the rear axle of a vehicle with a drum brake system. Because of their crucial role in stopping the vehicle, all Pagid OE Brake Shoes are manufactured following strict quality standards to ensure their reliability, durability, and efficiency.
Unusual brake sounds, parking brake troubles, vibrations from brake pedal, and reduced stopping are just some of the tell-tale signs you need to get new Pagid OE brake shoes. These brake shoes are direct replacement components designed to restore your vehicle’s superb braking performance. Aside from using premium-quality materials in manufacturing these products, Pagid also subjects them to stringent machining and testing processes to ensure they fit precisely and work reliably for years to come. The company uses only the latest in braking technology to provide only the best-quality brake shoes that offer reliable braking performance and safety.

Each Pagid OE brake shoe is designed to fit in place of the stock component, so installation is a breeze. When you decide to replace your old and worn brake shoes, make no mistake with the Pagid OE brake shoes. Not only do these products have a hardwearing design, but they are environmentally friendly too—they contain absolutely no copper or asbestos.



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