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Pagid OE Brake Drums

Pagid OE Brake Drums
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Pagid OE Brake Drums

  • $142.00 $181.00

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Pagid OE Brake Drums


  • $142.00 $181.00
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  • Perfect brake solution for rear axle applications
  • Best paired with Pagid brake shoes for superior performance
  • Created in accordance with OE manufacturer castings and designs
  • Provide improved heat resistance and unparalleled wear levels
  • Produced from only the best-quality cast for maximum durability
  • Cover a wide assortment of vehicle makes and models
  • Balanced and stringently evaluated to guarantee proper fit and performance

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The best match for Pagid brake shoes is Pagid OE Brake Drums. With the help of brake shoes, these round cast iron housings are used primarily to stop any rear axle application. Because of this crucial function, they are made tough and durable to ensure they withstand extreme driving conditions and last as long as your vehicle.
Maximize the use of your brake shoes with premium-quality Pagid OE Brake Drums. These brake drums are crafted to meet the strictest quality requirements to ensure they deliver extraordinary performance, maximum durability, and longevity. They are 100% produced in-house, and they use only the best-quality cast for superior durability and extended service life. All Pagid brake drums are machined, tested, and stringently evaluated to guarantee a precise fit and performance.

When you’ve got the OE brake drums from Pagid, you can rest assured that your braking components are securely covered and your wheels are rolling right. Pagid’s brake drums cover a vast assortment of vehicle makes and models, so there’s definitely one that best matches your specific vehicle requirements.



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