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Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit

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Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit
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Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit

  • $78.00 $1194.00

Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit


  • $78.00 $1194.00
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  • Provide a suspension lift for your vehicle up to 2.75” for improved performance
  • Manufactured using the same technology found in ERO Offroad Race Springs
  • Built to offer balanced ride quality, control, and offroad capability
  • With heavy-duty corrosion- and abrasion-resistant coatings for maximum durability
  • Rigorously tested to provide maximum efficiency and reliability whether on or off-road
  • Easy to install to save you lots of time
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Product details


The Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit is all you need to upgrade your SUV or truck with factory shocks and a standard ride height. It helps increase ride height up to 2.75” with great comfort and agility without the use of spacer lifts or coilover systems.
Want to add more height to your truck or SUV for more ground clearance or enhanced appearance or both? The Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit is the ideal solution to achieve your desired increase in ride height up to 2.75”. Engineered using race-winning off-road race spring technology, these Pro-Lift performance springs are designed to provide a suspension lift for your vehicle without the need for spacer lifts or coilover systems. Unlike in spacer lift systems, these springs allow a complete range of suspension travel without putting additional stress on the ball joints and bushings.

Eibach’s decades of off-roading expertise led it to develop the Pro-Truck Spring Pro-Lift-Kit, which is a good combination of Pro-Lift-Kit Spring Set with Pro-Truck Sport Shock. While the springs help with lifting the vehicle, the shocks help stabilize its movements and enhance your control when turning, braking, accelerating, or driving on uneven road surfaces. Together, these two ensure you get to enjoy a perfect balance of superb off-road performance, excellent ride quality, comfort, and safety.



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