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EBC Stage 7 Race Track High Carbon Brake Kit

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $213.75 $746.04
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EBC Stage 7 Race Track High Carbon Brake Kit
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EBC Stage 7 Race Track High Carbon Brake Kit

EBC Brakes

  • Sale $213.75 $746.04
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The EBC Stage 7 Brake Kit is a stunning combination of their very best products. You get the the quickest-stopping bite of High-Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors with the high-grip EBC Orangestuff brake pads zero fade. Powerful brake pads that still bite at a scorching 1,600°F. This is EBC's Best Stopping Brake Kit PERIOD!!! This EBC Stage 7 Kit includes EBC Orangestuff brake pads and Thermic black-coated High-Carbon Slotted BSD version brake Rotors.

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EBC Stage 7 Trackday High Carbon Brake Kit

This kit contains a set of Orangestuff 9000 series brake pads and a pair of BSD blade series upgrade brake rotors. Available for front and rear fitments.

  • Orangestuff 9000 series brake pad for full race use only
  • Compound is stable even at very high temperatures
  • Reduced rotor damage and effective from cold
  • Pre-scorched surface helps speed up bed-in process
  • Bi-directional slot pattern to give silent braking
  • Cast from G3000 iron
  • Runout inspected
  • Coated with corrosion resistant "thermic black" coating

EBC Brakes range of BSD high quality upgrade rotors are available for most vehicles. Featuring bi-directional slot pattern to give silent braking and improved pad venting. All EBC Brakes BSD rotors feature corrosion resistant "thermic black" coating.


  • Driving Qualifiers
    Extreme & Fleet Duty, Towing-Oversized Tires, Performance Street, Street & Track Events
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    Med-High Budget
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    EBC Brakes


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