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Brembo Race System Brake Kits

  • $3695.00 $5995.00
Brembo Race System Brake Kits
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Brembo Race System Brake Kits


  • $3695.00 $5995.00
  • Manufactured in-house for guaranteed quality and safety
  • Racing pads with superior characteristics capable of meeting the needs of any competition driver
  • Offer better stopping power and shorter distances both in dry and wet conditions
  • More pistons mean more braking power
  • Give your ride a more pleasing look
  • Provide more grip, allowing you to brake harder and faster
  • Factory tested to ensure maximum efficiency

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Dare to win the world's most prestigious races? Equip your ride with the Brembo Race System Brake Kit. Brembo offers a vast range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports, and this kit is no exemption. It delivers the best in the most extreme conditions: superior braking power, consistent performance, and ultimate precision and control.
Brembo Racing brake systems have been helping the most successful motorsports teams win some of the world’s most prestigious races for over 30 years. Upgrade to the Brembo Race System Brake Kits and experience the same win soon. Brembo manufactures these products in-house, from brake pads to discs and calipers, to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards. The brand’s calipers come with two, four, or six pistons for more braking power. And the racing pads exude Brembo’s excellence, with friction materials capable of guaranteeing extremely high performance. From sprint races to endurance challenges, these pads will work evenly and at an optimum level, especially when combined with other Brembo brake products.

To complete the performance of these race brake kits, Brembo discs undergo extremely high precision machining and incredibly rigorous quality control to ensure the highest level of quality. All Brembo discs, calipers, and pads for racing applications result from extensive research and development in collaboration with the world's most prestigious teams, so you can be next.



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