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StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single

StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single
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StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single

  • $530.00 $1081.00

StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single


  • $530.00 $1081.00
Vehicle Specific
  • The unsprung and rotational mass has been reduced.
  • Better thermal capabilities
  • Heat dissipation is improved
  • Designed to work with original equipment calipers
  • Hats made of aircraft-grade aluminum are included.
  • Friction rings for AeroRotors have a proprietary internal vane design
  • Cross-drilled StopTech AeroRotors are offered in two configurations: slotted and cross-drilled.

Specs and ratings

Stopping Power
Noise Level
Performance Over Stock

Product details


StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single will improve your vehicle's overall heat capacity, allowing it to outperform stock performance. Because of this, you can apply more force to the brakes stop after stop while still having a lower probability of fading. All of this is accomplished without modifying your car's factory front-to-rear brake torque ratio. They will act to keep the pads from glazing while also adding additional bite, clearing away any debris that develops between the pad and the disc, as well as increasing the braking effectiveness in both wet and dry conditions!
StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single is engineered to replace your vehicle's OE factory rotors while keeping the factory brake calipers in place. In addition to superior cooling, braking, and vehicle handling, the aero-rotors are available in the same diameter and thickness as your factory rotors This means the rotors have long drive pinholes. This means that the rotor and the top of the hat can be extended without "coning." AeroRotor friction rings with patent-protected internal vane design push up to 80% more air for enhanced cooling and minimal fade.

Airflow is optimized by pre-installing friction rings on billet aluminum AeroHats with directional stand-offs. Both parts are up to 8 lbs lighter than stock rotors and will not slow down your vehicle! The rotors are slotted or cross-drilled for better heat, friction material, and debris dissipation for clean contact between the pad and the rotor. The rotors can be electroplated with anti-corrosion zinc to protect them from salt and chemicals used in colder climates.


  • On Sale
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  • Recommended Use
    OE Replacement
  • Driving Qualifiers
    Normal Commute, Performance Street
  • Brand
    Stoptech2 Piece Brake Rotors
  • Rotor Style
    Slotted, Cross-Drilled
  • Rotor Coating
  • Rotor Material
    Cast Iron
  • Rotor Treatment
    Non-Cryo Treated
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StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single StopTech AeroRotor 2-Piece Rotor Kits - Pairs
Part StopTech AeroRotor - Black Hat - Single StopTech AeroRotor 2-Piece Rotor Kits - Pairs
Recommended Use OE Replacement
Driving Qualifiers
  • Normal Commute
  • Performance Street
  • Extreme & Fleet Duty
  • Normal Commute
  • Performance Street
  • Street & Track Events
  • Towing-Oversized Tires
Rotor Style
  • Cross-Drilled
  • Slotted
  • Cross-Drilled
  • Slotted
  • Smooth-Plain
Rotor Coating Non-coated Coated
Rotor Material Cast Iron Cast Iron
Budget High High


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