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Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors

Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors
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Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors

  • Sale $106.00 $162.00

Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors


  • Sale $106.00 $162.00
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  • Sold each, these are Slotted High Carbon (3500 grade) iron replacement rotors for improved braking performance
  • Advanced metallurgy for reduced pad squeal and oxidation resistance
  • Unique slotted design for improved heat and brake dust dispersal
  • Help prevent brake pads from glazing for prolonged pad life
  • E-coated to fight rust better and extend rotor life
  • Mill balanced for smooth operation at any speed
  • Double disc grinding ensures a more effective pad-rotor break in

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The Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors offer several advantages over standard brake rotors. They provide better braking performance, more consistent stops, and better pad bite. Their unique slotted design aids with brake dust dispersal and heat dissipation and prevents pad glazing for reduced brake fade. The high carbon metallurgy of Advanced Performance rotors offers quieter operation, reduced vibration, and better crack resistance. It also increases rotor strength, reducing the chance of warping when very hot.
Whether you're upgrading your brakes or replacing worn and damaged rotors, the Advanced Performance high carbon slotted brake rotors are up to the task. Made with high-quality materials, these rotors are less likely to warp and crack and are more resistant to wear and tear compared to standard rotors. They also last longer in service and require fewer repairs over time. Advanced Performance rotors are mill balanced and double disc ground to ensure more effective pad-rotor break in and eliminate DTV issues. They come with an E-coated finish for superior corrosion resistance and prolonged rotor life. If you’re looking for better braking performance, durability, and braking efficiency, the Advanced Performance High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotors are the way to go.



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