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Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes

Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes
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Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes

  • $18.00 $239.00

Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes


  • $18.00 $239.00
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  • Bosch's 77 years of OE braking excellence assure superior performance, strength, and longevity.
  • Its friction material is made and tested by Bosch engineers.
  • The friction material is completely free of asbestos.
  • Its precision engineering ensures outstanding performance and safety.
  • Installation is made easier with pins and levers (where applicable).
  • OEM-style setup. Most domestic and commercial applications have bonded and riveted coverage to match the OE standard.
  • Its protective coating prevents rust and corrosion for longer product life.

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Bosch Blue Disc Brake Shoes, manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer of braking technology, deliver reliable, superior braking performance. It is 100% asbestos-free, has bonded friction formulations, and is made entirely of new steel. This product also features precision-engineered OE-style designs for easy installation. Rust inhibitive coating is applied to metal components to keep them from rusting and also to increase their durability. Brake shoes for one axle are included in this set (2 wheels). This item does not include the hardware kit.
Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes are designed to be a direct replacement for the original equipment and to deliver dependable, outstanding braking performance. Bosch braking components are now found in one out of every three domestic, Asian, and European vehicles in North America. Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes are specifically designed for use with traditional drum braking systems. Because these brakes are less efficient mechanically than more modern disc brake systems, choosing high-quality brake shoes is even more important.

Bosch Premium Blue Brake Shoes are renowned for their durability and dependability. Their primary distinguishing characteristic is a coefficient of friction that is highly stable. This ensures reliable braking performance, even at high speeds and in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains and extreme temperature fluctuations. Bosch brake shoes are made of a non-asbestos organic friction material that is suitable for all vehicle segments but is especially recommended for drum braking systems.



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