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Brembo GT-S Slotted Brake Kits

  • $2032.15 $5621.15
Brembo GT-S Slotted Brake Kits
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Brembo GT-S Slotted Brake Kits


  • $2032.15 $5621.15
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The Brembo GT-S Slotted Brake Kits are the ultimate brake upgrade for street and track use. They contain opposed piston calipers for high thermal resistance and lightweight discs that help increase thermal capacity for reduced brake fade. The slotted surfaces provide superior braking performance in all conditions, especially on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Help improve your brake system's durability and efficiency
  • Offer excellent stopping power in everyday driving and high-performance street and track driving
  • Slotted discs allow superior expulsion of water, heat, brake dust, and friction gases
  • Opposed pistons in calipers allow more uniform wear on the friction surfaces
  • Give an unmistakably sporty and eye-catching look to your vehicle
  • Rotor discs are made with advanced metallurgy for greater stopping power and heat dissipation
  • Include all needed hardware to make installation a breeze

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Upgrade your factory brakes to Brembo GT-S Slotted Brake Kits, and enjoy improved stopping power, sportier look, and better performance. GT-S kits contain race-inspired Brembo M series calipers, ideal for weekend track enthusiasts and club racers who want to take their braking to the next level. These aluminum calipers with opposed pistons allow more uniform wear on the friction surfaces. The included discs feature slots in the braking surface to dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases.

Brembo’s high-performance brake pads represent the best performance, durability, and comfort. No matter your application, Brembo has the specific friction material for you. And to complete the kit, TUV/DOT homologated metal-braided hoses, high-quality fastener hardware, and an adapter are included.



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