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Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit

  • $1159.15 $5524.15
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Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit
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Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit


  • $1159.15 $5524.15
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This is the Brembo Big Brake Kit that started it all and even includes the classic drilled Brembo brake rotors. The oversized rotors have massive air vanes to pump volumes of air to keep brake temperatures in the optimum range even as you're scrubbing off triple-digit speeds rocketing from corner to corner.
This kit is complete and includes big Brembo calipers (select your color), 2-piece rotors, brake lines, brackets and hardware. Ask about free delivery, brake fluid and installation credit help.

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Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit Features

  • You won't find a cooler looking or operating brake kit than the Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit.
  • Nothing accents a vehicles wheels better than a trick looking drilled brembo rotor and painted brembo caliper.
  • Do yourself and your vehicle a favor and bolt-on a Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit and give your friends somthing new to envy.

Brembo Brake Kits Effective Range

Brembo Effective Range

Brembo Call Banner

1-Piece Caliper Design

  • Brembo has found the perfect balance between Mechanical Stiffness and Weight with a their single piece solid caliper.
  • The majority of stock calipers are a sliding design with the piston(s) located on the inboard side of the brake disc.
  • 2-Piece Calipers are cheap to produce, are usually weight more than 1-piece rotors and they also have a tendency to flex under braking, this degrades the overall performance of the brake system.
  • The Brembo GT Caliper is designed to be as light as possible and still provide a firmer overall brake feel.

Brembo 4 colors
Brembo GT Red Caliper
Brembo Red Caliper

High Performance Brake Pads

Brembo HP Brake Pads
  • Each Brembo GT System comes equipped with preloaded calipers.
  • Brembo uses their Ferodo FM1000 Friction Material in all of their GT Brake Pads.
  • The pads are strategically selected for each vehicle application to provide as much performance as possible.
Antirattle picture
  • Quick Release Pad Retaining System
  • Designed for quick and easy brake pad changes
  • Anti-Rattle feature helps eliminate noise

Brembo GT Drilled Brake Discs

Brembo 1-Piece Drilled
Brembo 2-Piece Drilled
  • Brembo GT Brake Discs come in 1 or 2-Piece Designs depending on your application.
  • They are zinc plated for an attractive corrosive resistant finish to help keep them looking good.
  • Brembo uses top notch engineering and high quality metal to make a drilled brake disc that can handle some of the most demanding conditions.

Goodridge Performance Brake Lines

Goodridge Brake Lines
  • Increases brake pedal response and eliminates "spongy or mushy" pedal feel
  • Goodridge is the only brake line system that is approved for worldwide use and is guaranteed for life

Caliper Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets
  • All fo the Brembo caliper mounting brackets are system and vehicle specific to ensure proper fit.
  • The Brackets are precision milled from high quality billet
  • The anodized finish gives the brackets an attractive corrosive resistant finish.

Brembo GT Kit Hardware

D Type Bobbin
H Type Bobbin
  • Anti-Rattle Disc hardware utilizes a spring fastener in order to slightly preload the assembly helping to eliminate noise associated with floating discs.
  • The bobbin type fasteners allow the disc to expand and contract under high temperatures reducing stress and increasing the longevity of the rotor and related components.
  • Brembo actually developed the floating 2-piece anti-rattle disc hardware system that is commonly used in high performance braking applications.


Looks Nice but has a Wicked Bite

Sometimes companies tend to focus more on good looks and end up making a product that is fun to look at but doesn't function so great, while others make something ugly but works great. Well neither is the case with the Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit. These babies work as good as they look. The 4 color choices not only makes the Aluminum caliper look amazing but the 4, 6, or 8 Piston option matched with the monobloc design delivers a stiffer brake feel and increasing the overall efficiency and stopping power of the system.

The Brembo GT Caliper also comes preloaded with a vehicle specific selected performance brake pad so that you get the most out of your system. Match that with the sleek looking 1 or 2-piece cross drilled zinc plated rotors and a set of Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines and you have one sweet looking brake setup that can pack a punch when you hit that brake pedal.


A certified mechanic is always highly recommended to perform the installation and initial break in steps of your new Brembo GT Drilled Brake Kit. The hardware/lines, rotors, calipers, and pads will all be replaced making installation a big more technical than your standard rotor and pad replacement. If you have any questions or concerns about the Brembo GT Cross Drilled Brake Kit, get a hold of the brake experts at buybrakes.com. 1-888-257-7149


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