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StopTech AeroRotor 2-Piece Rotor Kits - Pairs

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stoptech aero rotors kits
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StopTech AeroRotor 2-Piece Rotor Kits - Pairs


  • Sale $181.51 $2002.45
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You know what's more valuable than reductions in un-sprung weight in world of performance? Reductions in un-sprung weight that are also a rotating mass! StopTech AeroRotor Kits (sold in pairs) enable up to 8 pounds of un-sprung/rotating mass weight reduction AND the ability to pump 80% more air through the rotor vanes than OE Rotors. Ideal for track use or street-performance use. It's crazy, but your car will not only stop quicker, cooler and more consistent, but will also accelerate quicker. You'll even find an improved handling feel from quicker turn-in during cornering.
The USA made StopTech AeroRotor Kits are the same exact diameter and thickness as the factory rotors so the fit is perfect, It's as simple as off with the stock rotors and on with the new. Note: You only have to buy the kit once as replacement rings are also available separately. 

  • Quantity: 2 brake rotors per pack.

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StopTech Slotted AeroRotor Kits (ARK)
StopTech AeroRotor Kits available for Corvettes, C6, C7, Dodge Viper, Honda S2000, Audi RS4, BMW, Chevrolet Camaro SS & ZL1, , Mitusbishi EVO, Nissan Skyline, GTR Skyline, Acura NSX, Integra Type-R. If you've got a popular vehicle that visits the track, call us and see if we've got a AeroRotor kit for your vehicle.
StopTech AeroRotor Replacement Kits (sold in pairs) have been designed to replace your vehicle's original factory rotors, while retaining the factory brake calipers. Although the ARK is the same diameter and thickness as the factory rotors to the fit is perfect, it offers improved cooling, braking, and handling. The patented AeroRotor vane design pushes up to 80% more air than factory rotors for better cooling and reduced fade on the track. 

Cross-drilled rotors allow better dissipation of heat, friction material and debris, assuring that fresh pad material is in contact with the rotor every time the brakes are applied. The aluminum hats and 2-piece AeroRotors are up to 8 pounds lighter than stock rotors, allowing faster acceleration and deceleration, and improved handling.

StopTech Aerovanes 
The patented 2-piece AeroRotor assembly uses uniquely designed and patented AeroVanes inside the disc to optimize airflow through the rotor. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows up to 61 percent more air than any other rotor tested. 

The result is up to 80 percent better airflow over original equipment rotors and 10-30 percent better airflow than other directional vane racing rotors currently available. Better airflow equals better cooling, and better cooling means less fade and better overall brake system performance.

StopTech Zinc Plating 
Zinc Plating, available on StopTech AeroRotors, prevents corrosion. This is particularly useful in winter climates where road salt and other environmental factors may increase the likelihood of oxidation.
Brakes Rotors Hats are made in USA brake


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    Extreme & Fleet Duty, Towing-Oversized Tires, Performance Street, Street & Track Events, Normal Commute
  • Rotor Style
    Smooth-Plain, Cross-Drilled, Slotted
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  • Rotor Material
    Cast Iron
  • Rotor Treatment
    Non-Cryo Treated
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