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Motive Products Power Bleeder

Motive Products Power Bleeder

Motive Products POWER BLEEDER™ is the number 1 selling DIY pressure brake bleeder. The Motive Products POWER BLEEDER™ operates just like the professional mechanics' tool — at a fraction of the price.

Motive Products was formed in 1998 when Matt Newman needed to bleed the clutch on his BMW. When he found that there was no effective pressure brake bleeder on the market for under $200, the Power Bleeder was born.

Motive Products Power Bleeder has been used by racers, enthusiasts, home mechanics, and professional mechanics. Many of these people have little or no experience in bleeding brakes. The Power Bleeder has been universally praised as an effective brake bleeder that is simple to use.

Motive Products are proudly produced in the U.S. Motive Products make their tools with great care and the quality of their products is their core focus.

How To Bleed Your Brakes in Three Easy Steps
  1. Add brake fluid to the Motive Power Brake Bleeder tank.
  2. Firmly connect the supplied adapter to brake master cylinder and pump the Motive Power Brake Bleeder to pressurize.
  3. Starting with the furthest away brake bleeder valve (typically on the rear of the vehicle), open brake bleeder valve and purge the air and old brake fluid from your brake system.
Why the Motive Power Brake Bleeder?
  1. Power Brake Bleeder pays for itself during its first use.
  2. Makes brake bleeding a one person job.
  3. Do it yourself brake bleeding in 20 to 45 minutes depending on the application.
Motive Products Power Bleeder Benefits:
  • Low Pressure functionality won't damage sensitive braking systems and seals.
  • No electricity or shop air requirements.
  • Replenishes brake fluid as you bleed each wheel corner thereby eliminating the risk of running the reservoir dry.
  • Work at the wheel you will be able to see the air and other contaminents leaving the brake system rather than guessing when the job is complete.
  • Works on ABS Equipped vehicles.