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EBC Stage 3 Truck and SUV Brake Kit

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EBC Stage 3 Truck and SUV Brake Kit

Product Break Down
Stage 3 Kit Contents:

Axle Set of 6000 Series Brake Pads & Axle Pair of Sport Slotted & Dimpled Rotors

Recommended Use: Daily Driven Trucks & SUV's, Light to Moderate Hauling and Towing
Dust Rating: Medium
Pad & Rotor Life: Good
Stopping Power: Medium
  • EBC Stage 3 Brake Kit is designed specifically for Trucks and SUV's
  • Upgrades the brake pads and rotors giving your truck or SUV increased stopping power
  • High quality EBC Brakes combined to deliver top notch performance for the budget minded
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EBC 6000 Series Greenstuff Brake Pads

  • EBC Brake Pad designed specifically for truck and SUV applications

  • Great for daily driving use and light towing duty

  • Produces significantly less brake dust than stock pads

  • Unique "Brake-In" coating removes any glaze from the rotor and conditions it

  • The 6000 Series Pads have a powder coat finish on the back plate and the pad itself for corrosion resistance

  • EBC 6000 Series Greenstuff Pads have a higher resistance to off-road condition like dust and moisture than stock pads

The 6000 Series Pads deliver better stopping power and less dust than stock pads. The EBC Sport rotors keep temperatures low for consistent braking power.

The Sport Rotors have been known to generate air noise as the slots pass under the pad surface.

This is a great kit for light towing or Truck and SUV's equipped with larger wheels and tires.

John Brakes Expert

30 Year Automotive Aftermarket Industry Veteran

EBC 6000 Series Center Line Slots

Slots Draw in Cool Air

EBC 6000 Series Brake Pads

Unique Brake-In Surface

EBC Sport Slotted and Dimpled Brake Rotors

EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors

Slotted and Dimpled Design

  • Dimpled and Slotted design is perfect for removing brake dust and dirt from the pad surface

  • Solid or Vented Rotor Designs depending on application

  • Dimples resist cracking unlike drilled through rotors

  • Slots and Dimples circulate cool air keeping brake temperatures low

  • Wet weather braking is improved by the dimples and slots pushing water away from the pad and rotor contact area

Better Brakes for your Truck or SUV

Shopping for the right brakes for your truck or SUV can get tough. Wondering what type of pad and rotor combination will get you the results you want and fit your lifestyle best. With the EBC Stage 3 Truck and SUV Brake Kit the choice is made a lot simpler. No more looking for the right combination because EBC has put the best pads and rotors together to make the perfect kit for daily driving and light hauling or towing.

Big Stopping Power at a Small Price

The EBC Greenstuff 6000 Series Pad is a great pad for your daily driven truck or SUV, but also handles light towing and hauling very well. The pad is given a special "Brake-In" Coating that helps remove any glaze from the rotor and also conditions the rotor making pad and rotor break-in simple and quick. The 6000 Series pad and back plate are both powder coated to prevent corrosion and to also keep moisture from building up in the pad and affecting performance. The Stage 3 Truck and SUV Brake Kit uses EBC's unique dimpled and slotted brake rotor that works wonders compared to stock plain face rotors. The dimples in the EBC Sport Rotor gives you the same cooling characteristics as a drilled rotor but you don't have to sacrifice rotor integrity because the holes are not drilled through. This means they are more resistant to cracking unlike through drilled rotors that can sometimes crack under high temperatures.


A certified mechanic is recommended to perform the installation and initial break in steps of your new EBC Stage 3 Brake Kit. Installation is slightly more technical since rotors, and pads will be replaced. If you have any questions or concerns about the EBC Stage 3 Brake Kit, give the brake experts a call. 888-257-7149

Product Q & A
# of Ratings: 7
1. on 3/1/2017, said:
2007 Dodge Dakota. Parts arrived quickly, installed easily, and work great. Dont hesitate, good stuff!
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2. on 7/14/2016, said:
Very satisfied with the product and shipping!
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3. on 6/30/2015, said:
Pads only lasted 20,000 miles and made much more dust and dark staining on the wheels. Slotted rotors probably caused some premature wear as well.
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4. on 6/1/2015, said:
Installed the EBC Stage 3 front and rear rotors and pads on my 2008 Tundra. Quality, appearance and performance exceed previous StopTech kit! Stopping with much greater confidence from high speeds and while hauling loads. BuyBrakes.com provided prompt, professional and competitively priced buying experience. Would highly recommend!
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5. on 11/26/2013, said:
Installed on my F250SD and have been impressed with the improvement in braking power and have not noticed any noise issues. Very short experience but bought these on the recommendation of a friend and my mechanic.
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6. on 11/5/2013, said:
Installed the Stage 3 kit on my 2007 Acura MDX. Rotors and pads fit flawlessly and look awesome in behind my sport rims. I was happy that the rotors were black anodized even though they state that the rotors for most imports are gold anodized. I don't notice any increased noise due to the slots/dimples. Nice kit.
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