EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit

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Rear Kit (S5KR1331)
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Stage 5 Superstreet Brake KitIncludes Rotors and PadsRearRotor Dia. 9.6 in.
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EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit

Product Break Down
Car Contents:

Axle Set of Yellowstuff 4000 Series Pads & Axle Pair of EBC Sport Rotors

Truck/SUV Contents:

Axle Set of Yellowstuff Truck/SUV Pads & Axle Pair of Sport Rotors

Recommended Use: High Performance Street and Track for Cars & Hauling and Towing for Trucks/SUV's
Dust Rating: High
Pad & Rotor Life: Excellent
Stopping Power: Excellent
  • High Quality brake pads and rotors in one simple to buy kit
  • Enjoy all the benefits of increased braking power at a budget friendly price
  • Two Brake Pad choices depending on your vehicle Yellowstuff 4000 Series Brake Pads for cars, Truck & SUV's get Yellowstuff Hauling and Towing Pads
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EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

  • 4000 Series Street & Track pads are EBC's strongest gripping brake pad

  • Yellowstuff Truck & SUV Pad is great for hauling and towing

  • Designed to replace your stock brake pads

  • Delivers increased performance in moderate and hot climates

  • Provides Good initial bite that gets stronger when they get warmed up

  • Yellowstuff Pads have a special "Brake-In" coating that helps conditions the rotor and removes glaze

  • Beveled Edges and Center Line Slot helps reduce brakeing noise

  • Yellow Powder coat finish is applied to the back plate and the pad for corrosion resistance and prevents moisture buildup in the pad

Excellent stopping power! Some of the strongest gripping pads on the market! The Stage 5 Kit matches these pads with some of the coolest running rotors delivering quicker stops every time!

The high friction material used for the Yellowstuff pads often produces a lot of brake dust.

If brake dust doesn’t bother you isn’t a concern and you want some heavy duty high gripping pads and rotors then this is your kit.

John Brakes Expert

30 Year Automotive Aftermarket Industry Veteran

EBC Yellowstuff 4000 Series Brake Pads

Yellowstuff 4000 Series Pads for Cars

EBC Yellowstuff Truck and SUV Brake Pads

Yellowstuff Hauling and Towing Pads for Trucks and SUV's

EBC Sport Slotted and Dimpled Brake Rotors

  • Black Finish

  • Direct Replacement for stock brake rotors

  • Dimpled Rotor design cools like a drilled rotor without sacrificing strength

  • Application specific Solid or Vented Rotor Types

  • Slots and Dimples help promote even brake pad wear

  • Slots improve wet weather braking by pushing water away from the pad contact area
EBC Sport Rotors Domestic

More Bang for your Buck!

When you need some serious braking power at a budget price then you need the EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit. If you have a performance street car that you take to the track this kit is the answer. If you have a truck or SUV that you frequently use to tow heavy loads then the Stage 5 Brake Kit is also for you. The Yellowstuff Pads included in the kit are made of two compounds, one for cars, and the other for truck and SUV applications.

Serious Braking Power

The Yellowstuff Brake Pads that are included in the EBC Stage 5 Superstreet brake kit deliver high levels of brake friction from the time you hit the brake pedal until you let off. The compounds used in the pad are made to improve as braking temperatures rise which makes these pads perfect track pads for cars, excellent hauling and towing pads for trucks & SUV's Heat can be your worst enemy when it comes to braking, and the EBC Slotted and Dimpled Rotors help fight that. High temperatures can cause brake fade which reduces braking power. Fortunatly the EBC Slotted and Dimpled Rotors can take the heat and they actually allow your brakes to run cooler. How? Well the dimples combined with the slottes help circulate cool air which pushes out the hot air. This helps fight brake fade which is the last thing you need at the track or when your hauling or towing.


A certified mechanic is recommended to perform the installation and initial break in steps of your new EBC Stage 5 Brake Kit. Installation is slightly more technical since rotors, and pads will be replaced. If you have any questions or concerns about the EBC Stage 5 Superstreet Brake Kit, give the brake experts a call. 888-257-7149

Manufacturer Info

EBC Brake Kits, EBC Brake Rotors & EBC Brake Pads

EBC Facility

Made in the United Kingdom! One of Many EBC Facilities Located World Wide

EBC Greenstuff Powdercoat

Powder Coating EBC Greenstuff Pads

EBC Dimpled Rotors

Drilling the Dimples on EBC Sport Rotors

BuyBrakes.com has big discounts on EBC!

Since 1978 EBC Brakes has become one of the world leaders in the braking industry. You can choose from a variety of EBC Brake Pads and Rotors that are made to fit a ton of vehicle applications. EBC is known for producing the largest range of brake pads and rotors in the world. EBC has multiple distribution centers all around the world with two facilities that actually manufacture EBC Brake Pads and Rotors, one in the UK and the other is located right here in the U.S. EBC has built a reputation for using only the highest quality materials for their pads and rotors, because EBC knows you don't build a successful company by cutting corners and producing a product that they wouldn't use themselves. EBC is dedicated to using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques to produce a high quality product designed to promote a safer driving environment.

EBC Brake Pads

EBC Brake Pads are ahead of their time because they use a unique Aramid fibre material that puts it's competitors cheap steel fibre bases to shame. The use of Aramid fibres deliver a higher degree of flexibility in compound design, this enables EBC Brakes to produce a quiet and long lasting range of pad compounds that can improve stopping distance, reduce rotor wear and thereby greatly reduce brake dust. Also all of the EBC Brake Rotors are given a corrosion resistant powder coat finish. This finish not only resists corrosion but it also helps prevent water from accumulating inside the pad. The Picture to the right shows EBC Greenstuff Pads getting the powder coat applied.

EBC Brake Rotors

Most EBC Brake Rotors are manufactured in the UK and Italy, they all of the rotors are machined and finished in either the UK or the U.S. After the rotor is machined and finished EBC inspects and puts the rotor through rigorous tests before it can leave the factory. EBC Sport Rotors have actually recently been awarded the much accredited TUV testing approval and the resulting German ABE number that signifies the highest in quality for parts sold into Europe. If EBC Rotors can withstand the torture of Autobahn Speeds (which are unlimited) we think it is safe to say you can be confident that EBC Brake rotors will deliver on your car, truck or SUV.

Give us a call today!

With EBC's vast selection of brake pads and rotors we understand that choosing the right ones for your driving style and needs might get a little confusing. If you need help choosing Brake Rotors or Brake Pads for your vehicle, give us a call! We have professional brake technicians standing by ready to answer any questions you may have! 888-257-7149

Product Q & A
# of Ratings: 5
1. on 3/13/2017, said:
I was impressed with the quick delivery, accuracy of my order and completeness of the kit. I have additional work to complete prior to roadtest. I will post a follow-up once I have roadtested.
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2. on 12/20/2016, said:
the combination of the yellow pads and the dimpled and slotted rotors should be reserved for track only. For street, they required more pedal pressure to hold the car at red lights waiting while in gear (automatic trans). The pads gripped well in panic stops...but vibrated and groaned in the last few feet. And the pads felt like they were not to grabby. But felt more like wood. I think I really should have just gone to a big brake kit as I needed clamping force increased and hot braking under load. The calipers, rotors and pads were not the fix. I really should have gone bigger and be done with it.
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3. on 9/28/2014, said:
Easy ordering process and well packed. I am more than satisfied with these brakes. I've noticed a considerable difference in stopping power. I would highly recommend these brakes.
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4. on 9/4/2013, said:
I bought this kit a month ago, everything arrived well packed. Installation was straight forward. (No directions so I wouldn't do this yourself if you don't know what you're doing!) the brakes look great and offer a noticeable better initial bite then stock rotors and pads. No squeeks and I think these even dust less then OEM. Very happy with these and saved a few bucks versus having a shop or dealer do this for me.
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