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Centric Brake Pad Wear Sensors

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Front Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensors - (116.35001)
Part Number: 116.35001
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Front Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensors - (116.35001)
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Centric Parts Brake Pad Electronic Wear Sensor are your best choice!

  • Centric Parts match original equipment parts in quality, configuration and fitment.
  • Product is manufactured under the highest quality standards by OEM and OES manufacturers.
  • Largest brake pad wear sensor product range, covering most vehicles on the road.
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When Should I replace my Brake Wear Sensors?
They should be changed whenever the pads are replaced or when the vehicle’s warning light indicates.

How to determine if the wear sensors are malfunctioning?
Visually check the wear sensor contact and brake pad for excessive wear. Replace if parts show excessive wear. When the pad material reaches a predetermined low point, the rotor makes contact with the sensor, breaks the electronic circuit which trigger the the light on the dash.

What does a Electronic Brake Pad Wear Sensor do?
The electronic brake pad wear sensor, or brake wear indicator, is a modern day replacement for the mechanical wear indicator. These physical indicators will make contact with the rotor and create an auditable screech informing the driver that the pad material is running low. Modern day electronic indicators send a signal which turns on a light in the dash and perhaps a beep to accompany it instead.

What should I do if my Brake Wear indicator light is on?
The indicator light is thrown on when the signal is made that the brake pads need to be replaced. If the light appears, a licensed mechanic should inspect the brake components for wear and life. In most situations a brake job will need to be performed consisting of a rotor and pad replacement. At this time you also replace the wear sensors as they are designed to fail as the pads wear.

Where are the Pad Sensors located?
Customers often ask how do I know if I have electronic wear sensors, and how do I install them. The brake pad wear sensor is clipped on to the brake pad and wired through the caliper in one or all four wheels.

Will a malfunctioning Brake Pad Wear Sensor also illuminate the indicator light on the dash?
Yes, if a certified mechanic inspects the brake system and finds that the rotors and pads are fine, in some situations a pad sensor can fail on its own, which would also require a replacement.

Manufacturer Info

Centric Parts, which includes the StopTech division, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for everyday cars, performance duty vehicles and ultra performance vehicles. Centric continually innovates significant improvements to brake technology for the street and track, having earned four patents along the way. Centric's brake pads, such as the PosiQuiet line of premium Metallic, Ceramic and Extended Wear formulas, provide superior performance, quality and value.

Centric has many skilled and seasoned experts from across the industry. This encompassing knowledge of the industry brought by the executive team is further expanded on through Centric's dedication to research and development. The company has one of the industry's best programs for tracking and cataloging original equipment, and devising quality aftermarket and OE parts for consumers, mechanics and car makers. Centric's catalogs, a practical standard in the industry, now boast over 40,000 braking system parts supporting nearly every make and model from passenger cars to medium duty trucks manufactured since 1937. In the process, the company has earned a string of braking technology patents, has been repeatedly awarded by the Friction Materials Standards Institute for catalog and program excellence, and has earned the highly coveted TÜV approval on several big brake kits.

Centric Parts Premium Brake Pads provide superior stopping power and reliability for passenger cars and light duty trucks. Centric Parts’ engineers have worked with leading brake pad manufacturers to develop two application specific friction compounds that combine improved braking performance and reduced noise under braking. All Centric Premium Brake Pads are installation ready with shims installed to prevent noise associated with pad vibration. Centric Premium Brake Pads also feature O.E. style gas slots and chamfers to optimize braking performance in repeat stop situations. All Centric Premium Brake Pad formulas are 100% asbestos free and have O.E. style wear sensors installed.

Centric Premium Metallic Brake Pads are formulated for increased service life while maintaining high friction levels at all operating temperatures.

Centric Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are manufactured using Positive Mold technology that provides even wear characteristics throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. Centric Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are scorched to remove impurities in the friction material and improve initial pad/rotor bed-in.

All Centric brake pads comply to current brake friction material legislation.

Centric Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
  • Formulated for longer wear
  • High noise abatement
  • High anti dust capability
  • 100% shimmed
  • High friction level at all temperatures
  • Excellent pad for long rotor life
  • High temp fade resistant
  • 100% non asbestos formulas
  • Copper Free friction formulas
  • Ask for Centric Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads (300 series)

Pad vibration is the number one cause of noise or "squealing" associated with braking. To prevent this vibration and eliminate noise, Centric Premium Brake Pads are 100% shimmed.

Correct fit of the brake pad in the caliper also works to prevent vibration and noise. Centric Premium Brake Pads have precision cut or shaved backing plates ensuring proper fit in the caliper body.

Centric Premium Brake Pads feature O.E. style chamfers and gas slots. These details further prevent pad vibration and noise. Gas slots in the friction material work to improve heat dissipation and eliminate issues with out gassing.

All Centric Parts Premium Brake Pads come installation ready with O.E. style wear sensors attached.

Centric Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Features and Benefits

Centric Parts Premium Ceramic Brake Pads feature Positive Mold technology. This O.E. process uses extreme pressure to attach the friction material to the backing plate and provides a more consistent friction material density throughout the life time of the brake pad.

Centric Parts Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are scorched to remove impurities left from the manufacturing process in the friction material. Scorching increases friction levels right out of the box and enhances initial pad/rotor bed-in.

If you need help choosing Brake Rotors or Brake Pads for your vehicle, give us a call! We have professional brake technicians standing by ready to answer any questions you may have! 1-888-257-7149

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