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Power Slot Cryo Brake Rotors

Power Slot Cryo Rotors

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This is the solution for trucks, SUVS and other vehicles that warp rotors or wear them out too quickly!

Power Slot now cryogenically treats brake rotors in their own factory. Power Slot uses their proprietary 60-hour cryogenic process to create a Power Slot rotor that has a distinct advantage in tensile strength, abrasive wear resistance and brake rotor longevity. The typical result is a doubling of rotor life and sometimes triple, for around $35 to $45 per rotor.

Along with the benefits of cryo-processing, Power Slot rotors are CNC machined to application specific tolerances that utilize a patent pending tapered-slot technology to create a vent for dust and pad gases while preserving rotor strength.

The slot designs of Power Slot rotors are angled to use the rotors' direction of rotation to enhance performance. This makes them side specific with left side (driver's) and right side (passenger's) rotors.

Brightly-plated Power Slot rotors also eliminate rusty rotor syndrome and enhance the look of custom wheels.

Power Slot rotors are designed to beat the challenges of high performance driving and severe duty brake demands, and represent one of the most cost-efficient performance brake upgrades offered in the market today.

Why Pay $35 to $45 More For Power Slot Cryo Rotors vs. Power Slot Rotors?

Cryo rotors says it all: freezes brake rotors... rock solid. Power Slot uses a deep-cryogenic process that permanently changes the atomic structure of a brake rotor at 300 degrees below zero. We've got answers to any technical question you might have. But the real truth is that Power Slot Cryo Rotors by will stop any vehicle cold! Typical feed back from customers and posted in online forums are comments like "my brakes don't fade, don't warp and last two to four times longer. And any racer will tell you races are more likely to be won with the brake pedal rather than the accelerator.

Cryogenic processing also works on many other things from engine parts, drills and machine tools, to rifle barrels and golf clubs. For our customers, cold is a good thing... a very good thing.

All Power Slot Cryo Treated Rotors are Special Order Items that are treated after the order has been placed. Please allow 2 weeks for treament. NOTE - Cryo Rotors Can Not be Returned or Canceled Once Treated.
Power Slot Cryo Laboratories Cryogenically Treated Brake Rotors