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Power Slot Brake Rotors

Power Slot - The Performance Brake Professionals - Now Called StopTech Slotted Brake Rotors

Power Slot O.E. Replacement Brake Rotors

The proven solution for quicker braking, better bite and ideal sports and towing capable brake rotor, the Power Slot is the undisputed leader in high performance brake rotors.

When you call Buybrakes.com for expert advice, Power Slot (StopTech 126 Brake Rotor) is typically our top choice due to their consistent reliability, customer feedback and our experience in upgrading customers who drive vehicles with higher brake demands than a stock rotor can handle. Examples being; Super Duty Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Track Day driven vehicles, SUVs and trucks running oversize wheels, autocross enthusiasts and those customers who have purchased vehicles that keep warping their Original Equipment rotors.

Power Slot pioneered the performance slotted brake rotor business. First came the Power Slot gas slotted O.E. replacement rotors, followed closely by the Power Slot Cryogenically treated rotors - which typically doubles or triples the rotor life.

In 2010 Power Slot changed their rotor formulation and upgraded all their slotted rotors to "Power Alloy" rotor. Castings feature increased molybdenum content for improved reliability and service life. This unique metal composition also provides superior resistance to cracking due to thermal (heat) stress. Power Alloy rotors are the base for most Power Slot and SportStop performance brake rotors.

Power Slot produces rotors that meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer's fit, but exceeds their quality by far. So you won't find a single offshore economy rotor hiding in their program. That's why Power Slot are known as the Performance Brake Professionals!