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Newtek Brake Shoes

Newtek Brake Shoes
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Newtek Brake Shoes

  • $13.00 $241.00

Newtek Brake Shoes


  • $13.00 $241.00
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  • Help restore your brake system’s optimum performance
  • Made using NAO formulation for less brake noise and friction dust
  • Designed to last longer than any other brake shoe
  • Both bonded and riveted for consistent, reliable performance and longer lifespan
  • Come at a competitive price
  • Work well with the other brake components of your vehicle
  • Positive mold technology ensures noise-free braking

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Engineered to deliver performance at a great value, the Newtek brake shoes are reliable replacement components designed to restore your brake system’s like-new performance. These value-priced, one-way new shoes are made using a semi-metallic non-asbestos formulation to ensure it provides exceptional performance and extended lifespan. Both bonded and riveted, these brake shoes are designed while keeping the international brake standards in mind.
Every time you hit the road, there are different brake parts working together to get you to your destination safely, and one of these is the brake shoe. To know when it’s time to get the Newtek brake shoes for your ride, check for vibrations from the brake pedal, reduced stopping power, parking brake troubles, and unusual brake sounds. It’s not safe to drive with bad brake shoes, good thing Newtek has got the perfect replacement you need right when you need it. These new brake shoes from Newtek are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, so they provide great performance, safety, and reliability. They go through extensive manufacturing and testing processes, such as a positive mold process, to ensure they deliver noise-free braking all throughout your ride.



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