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Hawk Talon Rotors

Hawk Brakes' years of winning and perfecting pad friction compounds for racing, commercial and performance drivers has led to the development Talon® Rotors.

Leveraging the high quality performance of Hawk Performance's® unique and proprietary DTC curved slot design, they are built to OE specifications, weights, and production processes, and are engineered to fit a vehicle's current braking system without modification. An ideal brake rotor upgrade with improved bite and stopping power.

Engineered, machined, finished, and coated in ISO certified facilities in North America

G3000 metallurgy – superior automotive casting material

Validated design and performance characteristics through extensive dynamometer testing

All rotors are balanced with CNC programmed, precision milled slots to significantly reduce harmonic resonance issues, maintain a clean pad surface and expel away debris

Salt-spray tested per ISO-9227, exceeding the 240 hours requirement

Proven cross-drilled designs to optimize thermal efficiency, heat dissipation, strength, and improve wet braking

Magni™ coating barrier applied that maintains superior corrosion resistance and ensures quick and easy bed-in that resists galling

Available in a cross-drilled and slotted design or slotted-only for heavy duty applications.