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Husky Heavy Duty Deep Ribbed Floor Mats

Husky Heavy Duty Deep Ribbed Floor Mats
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Husky Heavy Duty Deep Ribbed Floor Mats

  • $40.00 $78.00

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Husky Heavy Duty Deep Ribbed Floor Mats

Husky Liners

  • $40.00 $78.00
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  • Provide the best possible protection for your vehicle’s floor
  • With a deep-ribbed pattern that traps rain, mud, snow, and debris
  • Perimeter edge is raised to keep liquid, dirt, and more from splashing all over the sides
  • Made ultra tough using rubberized DuraGrip HD™ material
  • StayPut Cleats help keep the mats from shifting around
  • Easily installed, removed, and cleaned for your total convenience
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Backed by Husky’s Lifetime Guarantee

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Keep your vehicle’s interior protected from the elements with the Husky Heavy Duty Deep Ribbed Floor Mats. These thick, thermoplastic rubberized vinyl mats feature a deep-ribbed pattern that effectively collects mud, snow, rain, and debris before they get to your vehicle’s carpet. Your liquid spills and all types of messes are contained within the mats’ raised perimeter edges, so you won’t get anything splashing all over the sides. Best yet, they are easy to install, remove, and clean—simply take them out, whack to remove debris, and hose them off!
If you tend to be rough on your vehicle or usually transport equipment, kids, and pets, the Husky Liners heavy duty floor mats are the best way to keep your vehicle’s floor and carpet clean and protected for the long run. The mats’ high perimeter ridges and deeply grooved lines keep dirt, snow, mud, and spills contained, while their patented rubberized DuraGrip HD™ material allows them to withstand whatever abuse you throw at them. They are also designed not to shift around or move. That’s because they have patented anti-shift nibs that help keep them in place while adding improved grip and traction when stepping in and out of your cab. Whether you reside in an area that sees a lot of rain and snow or often take your vehicle off-road, there’s no better way to keep your carpet looking showroom fresh than Husky heavy duty deep ribbed floor mats.



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