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Brake Fluid for 2012 Fiat 500

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  • Stoptech Racing STR 600 High Performance Brake Fluid is the brake fluid upgrade over stock fluid that is ideal for a range of driving that includes; commuting, towing, high performance and track-day sessions. Compatible with DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids for a top-up or you can order 3 cans for a complete flush.
  • If you're running track events or otherwise drive on the extreme side, StopTech STR-660 Ultra Performance Race Brake Fluid prevents brake fluid boiling and loss of efficiency. The best rated racing grade brake fluid maintains viscosity, lubricating properties and non-compressibility while offering protection from the punishing world of high performance motoring.
  • Brake fluid engineered specifically and exclusively for racing use, Brembo's Racing LCF 600 plus has been specifically formulated to provide the highest performance under all racing conditions and comes in 500ml bottle.

    With a typical dry boiling point of 312°C (593°F), this Brembo racing brake fluid has a low compressibility, meaning brake pedal pressure input gets effectively transferred full force to the brake calipers for maximum squeeze.

  • Brembo Sport 500 Fluid is 520°F rated and ideal for the driver who is sometimes in performance driving situations and occasionally runs timed track events.
    Brembo Sport 500 Brake Fluid is recommended for high performance vehicles, including vehicles with ABS.
    Each brake fluid container holds 250ML and ordering 5-6 bottles is recommended for complete flush.
  • Motul

    • $10.47
    MOTUL DOT 5.1 Performance Brake Fluid is ideal when building or preparing high performance and temperature capable brake systems. Top Crew Chiefs and high performance expert drivers trust Motul to keep their brake hydraulics at optimum pressures, viscosity and temperature range. 500ML (1/2 liter bottles, recommend 3 for complete flush).
    This Motul Brake Fluid is ABS compatible, features a high dry boiling point of 270°C/518°F and a high wet boiling point of 185°C/365°F.
    Special long-life formula is superior to DOT 4 and DOT 3 fluids enables to use this product longer.
  • EBC Brakes

    • $14.67
    Typical dry boiling point – 270°C (518°F). Typical wet boiling point – 170°C (338°F)

    NOT SUITABLE FOR USE WITH MINERAL OIL SYSTEMS. If in doubt consult vehicle handbook.

    This product conforms to and exceeds the current international specifications U.S. FMVSS No.116 DOT 4 & DOT 3, SAE J1703 & J1704 and ISO 4925 (Classes 3 & 4).

  • Typical dry boiling point – 310°C (590°F). Typical wet boiling point – 204°C (399°F)

    NOT SUITABLE FOR USE WITH MINERAL OIL SYSTEMS. If in doubt consult vehicle handbook.

    This product conforms to and exceeds the current specification U.S. FMVSS No.116 DOT 4.