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COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 update - Our business category has been designated “Essential” during the Covid-19 quarantine. We are fully operational with office staff working from enabled home offices. We have also made some imporatnt business improvements to serve you better, such as launching Affirm Monthy Payment option, increasing the website speed, extended our customer service hours of operation, and simplified the product detail pages.

5/20/2020 Supply Chain Update:
Our supply chain is fully operational but moving slower than normal times due to limited staffing and/or production at the vendors or in the "supply chain." In some facilities such as Centric, Stoptech, Eibach and Goodridge, we are experiencing long delays in items that show "Call for Availability (No Stock). Three to six week delays are often the norm for out of stock items. International brands like DBA (Disc Brakes of Australia) can be 12 weeks.

Also note that in those same facilities Centric, Stoptech and Eibach, when an item shows in stock (on the “live” BuyBrakes website inventory feed) those factory suppliers can no longer ship same day or next day to get the parts in motion onto UPS trucks and on the way to you. The reality is that it is now taking factories an average of 4 days to a week to get an in-stock item out the door. The reason? Higher volumes combined and limited staff or staff adjustments within those warehouses. The companies and warehouses are trying to provide a “Safe Working Environment.” So… Be patient, Be kind and if you need to cancel your order, just let us know and communicate with us via email or text. We’ll happily refund your purchase on normally stocked items or move you into substitute brand or another replacement components that may be in stock. The exception are orders where we put in a made to order/custom Big Brake Kits and 2-Piece Rotors.

Our Advice? If you’ve got an order in with us now, continue to wait if at all possible. That way you get your order in and “On The Books” to at least hold/keep your place in line. The reason being is that there is a very high chance that no other vendor/seller/distributor will have it in stock either. So, again, wait if it makes sense to your circumstances. If you’d rather “brand” switch or “similar item” switch, let us know and we’ll assist

If there is a part number/item that you reviewing on BuyBrakes.com and it says "Call for Availability, it may be ordered and paid for to get the order into the system with us (and thereby, the factory). We encourage this as it gets your order in and the factory can allocate resources to get the items in motion.

We are direct with all brand manufacturers and support warehouses listed under BuyBrakes Menu "Brands" . If your order includes backordered parts or items that are now considered to have a lengthy delay, then just please text us every couple of weeks for an update.

---- Note: We have also temporarily suspended expedited shipping services online (next day, 2 day, etc.) because we cannot promise on-time delivery nor can UPS or Jeff Bezos. If expediting your shipment is essential, please call our sales team at 888-257-7149 so they may confirm in advance that delivery may be on time or has a good chance of it.

Any product specific interruptions are being noted on the product pages of BuyBrakes.com. Additionally, we have lowered prices where we can and we encourage you to work on your car while staying safe at home. Even if you buy elsewhere and are in need of free brake repair advice just give us a call, we are happy to help.

We appreciate your business and will continue to prioritize your experience. Stay safe and take care.

John Butler