COVID-19 Update

UPS Tracking Problems: Tracking Numbers Currently Taking 4 Days To Show Correctly Upon Searching

09/22/2021 Supply Chain and UPS Tracking Updates:
UPS and Tracking: In general, it is currently taking UPS three to five days (once a label has been created and actually scanned) before it shows properly in their system and for the results to show up on the typical Google search for tracking numbers. UPS' tracking and promptness is not up to the levels we have all been used to. In 2020 and now in 2021, their service levels have degraded as package delivery demand has skyrocketed through higher volumes from stay-at-home shoppers. We’re seeing longer delivery times right now, and even longer waits before something is scanned because of capacity constraints across the board, not just with UPS.

If we are out of an item and it is scheduled to ship from the manufacturer, most likely EVERYONE is out of the item and it may be best to just order it, get in line so to speak and wait as pateintely as possible or call us for alternatives. We are still experiencing slower than normal shipping times due to limited staffing and/or production from our suppliers. Items showing “Call For Availability” are out of stock and are experiencing longer than normal backorders. If you order a backordered item we will make sure it will ship as quickly as possible.

m. Some facilities such as Centric, Stoptech and Eibach are even behind shipping in-stock items because of the higher volumes combined with limited staff. New Covid restrictions and office closures due to infections are creating delays. Please be patient.

Our Advice? Go ahead and order. You are in good hands. We keep our inventories fresh and continually monitor shipments and backorders to provide you with frequent updates. So if you have an order in with us now, continue to wait if at all possible. Your order will be “On The Books” to at least hold/keep your place in line. So, again,please wait for your product to ship if it makes sense to your circumstances. But if you would rather switch brands or cancel, that is fine too.

Fedex and UPS are also backed up. The trucks and planes are full with the recent surge in online ordering. We have also temporarily suspended expedited shipping services online (next day, 2 day, etc.) and international ordering because we cannot promise on-time delivery, nor can UPS, or Jeff Bezos. If expediting your shipment is essential, please call our sales team at 888-257-7149 so they may confirm in advance that delivery may be on time or at least has a good chance of it.

Any product specific interruptions are being noted on the product pages of BuyBrakes.com. Additionally, we have lowered prices where we can, and we encourage you to work on your own car. Even if you buy elsewhere and are in need of free brake repair advice just give us a call, we are happy to help.

We appreciate your business and will continue to prioritize your experience. Stay safe and take care.

John Butler