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Racing Brake Rotors for 2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS

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  • Stoptech

    • $1035.00 $1345.00
    You know what's more valuable than reductions in un-sprung weight in world of performance? Reductions in un-sprung weight that are also a rotating mass! StopTech AeroRotor Kits (sold in pairs) enable up to 8 pounds of un-sprung/rotating mass weight reduction AND the ability to pump 80% more air through the rotor vanes that OE Rotors. Ideal for track use or street-performance use. It's crazy, but your car will not only stop quicker, cooler and more consistent, but will also accelerate quicker. You'll even find an improved handling feel from quicker turn-in during cornering.
    The USA made StopTech AeroRotor Kits are the same exact diameter and thickness as the factory rotors so the fit is perfect, It's as simple as off with the stock rotors and on with the new. Note: You only have to buy the kit once as replacement rings are also available separately. 
  • The GiroDisc 2-piece brake rotor system is a direct replacement for the OE (Original Equipment) brake disc. Lighter, cooler, faster. Save up to 8 pounds of rotating mass and un-sprung weight. Yes, you'll actually accelerate quicker even though you're buying these rotors to stop quicker. You'll even notice turn-in feel going into the corners is lighter. All benefits no downsides.

    The GiroDisc Rotors bolt straight on with the benefit of being lighter and quicker to respond than heavier original rotors. Your factory brake-bias and ABS is maintained and yes, the GiroRotors are compatible with OE calipers.