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1990 Cadillac Brougham Base

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Hawk Performance SuperDuty Truck Brake Pads for 1990 Cadillac Brougham Base

Hawk Performance

  • $84.43
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Hawk Performance SuperDuty Truck Brake Pads
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Hawk Performance SuperDuty Truck Brake Pads for 1990 Cadillac Brougham Base

Hawk Performance

  • $84.43
Hawk Superduty brake pads for towing, hauling and fleet duty when vehicle weight is over 10,000 lbs GVW. Ideal match for slotted brake rotors for best bite to get heavy vehicles to scrub speed off quicker.
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Product details


Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pads

  • Recommended Use: Large Trucks & SUV's doing moderate to heavy Towing
  • Designed For Frequent & Heavy Hauling or Towing
  • Superior Pad Durability
  • Great for Fleet Trucks
  • Fade Resistant On Steep Grades

Product Description

When you're towing a trailer or driving through the mountains, the last thing you want to be concerned about is being able to slow down or stop. The Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pads will relieve any worries you may have when it comes to braking in a heavy duty truck. The Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads have an extremely high coefiicient of friction, which means when you apply the brake, your going to get your ride stopped quickly, and safely.

SuperDuty Stopping Power

The Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pads uses a special compound to deliver increased braking power, high fade resistance. This is the perfect brake pad for your Heavy Duty Truck or SUV that hauls large payloads. The Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pad still delivers consistant braking power even when temperatures get high, so you don't have to worry about your brakes fading when your going down a hill or when your in the mountains.


Hawk Performance SuperDuty Brake Pads are engineered to be a direct replacement for your stock brake pads which means a hassle free installation. We highly recommend having a certified mechanic install and perform the proper break-in procedures for you new Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads so you can get the most out of them. If you have any questions about Hawk Pads feel free to give us a call and let our knowledgeable sales staff assist you. 1-888-257-7149


  • Brand
    Hawk Performance
  • Driving Style
    Extreme & Fleet Duty, Hauling & Towing
  • Dust Rating

Manufacturer Info

BuyBrakes.com is a Hawk Brakes Master Seller/Distributor of Hawk Brake Pads and Hawk Race Pads.

We provide brake knowledge and coverage for Street and Motorsports use. No other company you call has more in-depth knowledge on how to set up your vehicle be it for street, tow or track and motorsports use.

We employ former Hawk staff and engineers that give us the inside edge on Hawk brake pads, Hawk brake kits and Hawk Motorsport brake pads.

Looking for something that's not on our site? Ring us at 888-257-7149 for the best pricing on anything from Hawk Performance! Hawk Performance is the premium performance brand that has been a supplier of high performance Motorsports brake pads to the performance street and Motorsports markets since 1990. Hawk Performance Brakes are actually the official brake pad of the SCCA, NASA, Richard Petty Driving Experience, Skip Barber Racing School, and Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. Hawks Brakes has over 2,000 employees spread out through 11 manufacturing facilities all around the world including right here in the U.S. Hawk Performance serves over 100 leading original equipment manufacturers in 55 countries. Hawk Performance makes a brake pad for just about any style of driving whether it be a set of Hawk HPS Pads for your performance street machine, or some Hawk LTS Pads for your Truck or SUV.


Hawk Performance Brakes have been one of the leaders of the performance braking world for years. Hawk Brakes are so great because they take what they learn from the track and implement that into all of their Hawk Brakes and Hawk Brake Rotors. Hawk Performance also produces a wide selection of highly-engineered friction products for nearly every type of racing! For heavy duty trucks and SUV's Hawk Performance has also applied their severe duty friction technology to the braking demands of trucks and SUVs making them a top choice for hauling and towing applications.


Finding the right Hawk Brake Setup for your driving style is very important to us. So if you need help choosing the right stuff for your vehicle and driving style give us a call! We have professional brake technicians standing by ready to answer any questions you may have! 888-257-7149

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