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Brake Rotors for 2006 Buick Terraza CX

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  • Centric

    • $35.95 $46.09
    Shopping for brake rotors that are an upgrade over stock brakes that don't rust? These 120 version Centric Premium Brake Rotors are Black E-coated and double-disc ground to ensure parallelism, balance and quieter operation. Correct friction surface preparation during manufacturing promotes pad and rotor bed-in increasing stopping power and reliability. A well-priced favorite upgrade for better than OE look and reliability. Priced each.
  • Stoptech

    • $88.61 $102.47
    StopTech's High-Carbon Slotted 126 Stage 3 Brake Rotors. The only one-piece brake rotor you could buy better suited for severe use than this disc is the Cryo version of this same rotor (for $30 to $35 more).

    Other than that, order these brakes if your original brakes warp or if you are racing, towing, hauling, fleet driving or running over-sized wheels and tires that are taller or heavier than stock. The slotted rotor provides the best brake pad bite of any other rotor design. Priced each.

  • Drilled/Slotted rotors by StopTech are by far the best-looking quality High Carbon Brake Rotors on the market. Their dipped e-coating process still looks new after years of use and is the most impervious coating against environments that use salt and brine on the roads. Ideal for top-end Euro cars to sport-driven enthusiast vehicles from around the world. Looks are stunning inside open-style wheels.
  • The early days of road racing and brake mods started with the classic drilled brake rotors and the look continues to this day as many European OE manufacturers deliver their top sport-version vehicles with drilled rotors. These StopTech High Carbon 128 version Drilled Rotors can be ordered to replace those original Euro brake rotors or can be put on the vehicle in your driveway now. A huge added benefit that the Europeans don't often include is the durable black e-coating which keeps the brake rotors looking new after years of use.
  • Stoptech

    • $50.45 $80.20
    Cryo treated rotors by Centric - StopTech are often cited as the best way to double and occasionally triple the service life of a brake rotor and add to the metal's durability. That can be important and provide value only if labor costs to change rotors exceeds the typical $30-$35 cost per rotor to cryo treat them plus the rotor itself. For some, they want the longest-life rotor possible to reduce trips to the repair shop. These 120 version Cryo-treated rotors are made from 3000 grade iron, ideal for Trucks, SUVs and passenger cars. Allow10 days for treatment time, it's worth it.
  • Cryo-Treated Slotted rotors by StopTech are by far the smartest brake disc choice if you're racing, towing, hauling, fleet driving or running over-sized wheels and tires that are taller or heavier than stock. All those conditions create massive heat and this is THE highest quality brake rotor choice you have without having to move up to a 2-piece brake rotor solution. This is it, this is the top and provides the quickest stop. The slotted rotor provides the best brake pad bite and stopping power of any other rotor design. Allow10 days for cryo treatment time, it's worth it.
  • Centric

    • $22.00 $29.32
    Replacement Brake Rotor shopping for an ideal combination of OE quality cast-iron, perfect fit, finish and machining? .. and you still want best-price? The Centric-Ctek 121 version brake rotors fits that criteria spot-on and are ideal for a commuters, commercial drivers and those that drive at a normal-pace and don't bounce off of the rev limiter.

    Thousands of fitments and certainly robust enough where applications include Compacts, Sedans, Cars, Trucks, SUVS, Commercial Trucks, Vans and Motor-homes.

  • Hawk's Talon Cross Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Rotors are precision engineered, machined, finished in North America for improved brake pad "bite".

    The racing style hook-slots from Hawk's renowned DTC racing rotors have been integrated into these new performance street brake rotors using precision CNC machining. Additional cross drilling is unique to this version of the Hawk Talon rotors to help drop the running temperature of the brake rotors further for improved heat dissipation.

    Sold and priced in pairs, an ideal choice for improved braking while accentuating a subtle statement of performance behind your wheels.

  • EBC Brake Rotors for 2006 Buick Terraza CX

    EBC Brakes

    • $155.31 $208.88

    EBC Brakes

    • $155.31 $208.88
    EBC Brake Rotors are made in the U.K. and are ideal for daily commuting. Black e-coating prevents rust for roads that are subjected to salt in the Winter. This is an upgrade over stock rotors.
  • EBC Brakes

    • $253.03 $387.40
    EBC Dimpled/Slotted Brake Rotors, made in the U.K., are ideal for a good-looking brake upgrade with improved cooling and braking. Ideal for daily driving, commuting and a bit of sport driving. Black e-coating keeps the rotors looking great and protect against road salts.
  • EBC Brakes

    • $151.08 $344.86
    EBC Slotted Brake Rotors, made in the U.K., are ideal for quicker brake-pad bite, enabling quicker ability to scrub off speed. Ideal for towing, sport driving, track use or normal commuting.